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Conversion Information

The conversion rates displayed on Flight1.com are to be used for reference only, as actual rates may vary depending on your credit card issuing bank. Flight1.com charges in USD (U.S. Dollars).

We update the conversion rates daily (on business days). It is important to note that there are different rates one would see published. Some rates are for buying currency, some are for selling, some are the wholesale rate banks would give other banks, etc. The rates posted here are the rate we estimate you will receive when you get your credit card statement.

GBP - 1.36
Euro - 1.22

Effective Date - 3/7/2018

To calculate the price we display, simply take the USD price, and divide it by the rate listed above.

Again, please note that all rates are for reference only, and are not used in the purchasing process on this site, and that Flight1.com is not responsible for any differences in actual rates, or if there are errors on this site in the listed foreign currency price.


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