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Flight1.com Shopping Cart Help

Using the Flight1.com Shopping Cart is very easy, however to make shopping easier, please read these few tips.


Flight1.com keeps real-time inventory of all products we carry. There are 3 different levels of inventory that we display with each product listed. Please check out the following table:
In Stock
Low Stock
Out of Stock

Clicking the images gives you the inventory status!

When a product is low, it means that there are units in our warehouse, but it could go on out-of-stock status at any time. Clicking on the inventory images will let you know the inventory status, including the expected arrival date of products Flight1.com has on order for delivery to our wharehouse.

Since Flight1 utilizes a single worldwide shipper in the United Kingdom, if you are a long distance away from that location you may want to see if a download version is available.

Flight1 Miles

Take advantage of Flight1 Miles and any digital coupons. On many purchases you can earn Flight1 Miles. You can collect Flight1 Miles by opening an account on our system. This is easy to do, and it allows us to track your mileage balance. Each mile is worth $.02 towards a future Flight1.com Shopping Cart product purchase. As you proceed through the purchasing process, you will be able to both enter the miles you want to apply to a purchase, and you will also see how many additional miles you will be earning on your purchase after it is made.

From time to time, Flight1.com may issue digital coupons for discounts on merchandise. You will see a place during checkout to enter the coupon. The discounts for both miles and coupons applied will be displayed in the final checkout screen.

Shipping Status

Flight1.com also provides real-time shipping status. Use our customer service page, as well as the link sent to you in your confirmation mail, to check the shipping status of your order.

Shopping Securily

Please note that all Flight1.com transactions via our website are SSL encrypted.

If you have any other problems, please visit Flight1.com Customer Service.

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