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Automated Key Replacements

Flight1 now offers automated key replacements. This service is available for many orders that use the Flight1.com Wrapper, including those of partner vendors. This service will only send keys to the exact e-mail address used for the original purchase. If your e-mail address has changed, you will have to have it officially changed on your order. You can do this via the Flight1.com Email Change page.

Please note that there are 2 options available for key delivery. Some ISP's block mails with zip files that include *.key files. The first option sends you a link to download the key. The second option sends the key as an email attachment. If your ISP blocks some of your mail, you may be limited to only the "Download Link via Email" option below.

Attempts to access a key fraudulently will be logged and referred to the appropriate department.

Order Number
Current E-Mail Address on Order
Delivery Method
Download Link via Email (Most reliable method - link to key will be in email.)

Email Attachment (if you have no problems with attachments)
An e-mail will be sent immediately to the e-mail address on file with this order. Depending on Internet traffic, your e-mail could take a few seconds, to a few minutes or longer. If it takes more than one hour, then your spam filter may be catching the mail, or your ISP is likely blocking your mail. Try the Download Link via Email option above if you originally selected the attachment method. If both methods fail, contact your ISP (tell them about the flight1.com domain), or submit a ticket to our staff.

There are several important notes you need to be aware of.

  1. If you get a notice that a key is not available, please contact your vendor for a repacement key, not Flight1 (unless it is a Flight1 title). It is also possible the product specified may not be compatible with automated key replacements. In this case, use the traditional method of asking your vendor for a replacement key, or if it is a Flight One Software product, you can us the Flight1.com Ticket System to ask for a new key.

  2. All keys that are retrieved via this automated service are subject to the newer methods of the e-commerce system. This simply means that if you have a product that has been upgraded to use the newer e-commerce system, your key file may need a password to revalidate it during reinstall, and multiple uses of the key may require reactivation on your part. Reactivation can be done automatically via the Flight1.com Key Reactivation Page.

  3. Important! Passwords normally will be the last 4 digits of the credit card used for the purchase, a vendor issued password, or if the key is being upgraded from a previous wrapper version, the password will be the last 4 numbers of the telephone number used on the order, without spaces or dashes. You can retrieve your passwords via the Flight1.com Password Retrieval Page.

  4. If you get a message that your key has been "illegally accessed", you may be using a key that has been disabled due to duplicate transactions, and you are using the refunded version of the key. Please contact Flight1.com customer service if this is the case and we can reset your key.

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