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Latest changes to the Flight1.com Wrapper (version 2.2x or greater)

There have been many changes to the Flight1.com Software wrapper since its inception. Many customers are accustomed and comfortable with how it works. The latest version, noted by the "Wrapper Version 2.2x" note in the splash screen, adds a few more features that will likely be not noticed by most, but will apply to some. We feel it is best to alert you to the changes, and how to prepare to manage your installation and key file.

The new version has a more advanced key validation system. As usual, you will select the Reinstall button in the wrapped applications main screen. However, you will also need to enter an assigned password. This password by default will be the LAST 4 numbers of the exact credit card used for the purchase, or possibly a vendor issued password in its place. This adds additional key security. Do note that your credit card is not recharged, and the password is only used for validation purposes only (Flight1.com does not store complete credit card numbers anyway).

An additional level of security relies on your e-mail address. Your e-mail address is critical in that it acts as the official point of contact for you to receive information, and maintain your Key status. This is because unlike previous versions of the wrapper, the key will automatically become disabled after a certain amount of accesses. But this is no big deal as long as your e-mail address is valid, because you can reactivate your disabled key automatically via a link we will send to your e-mail account (after you use the automated key re-activation link at flight1.com).

The used of machine binding is also implemented. Although it may not always be used for every title, some titles may use this feature. You will be notified of this by a message screen being presented when you open the wrapped application. It will state that this software will work only on Internet enabled PC's. Since the software itself can't be moved, it will need to be reinstalled using the Reinstall button, and this requires Internet validation of the key file. So do note that you will need an Internet connection on any PC you plan to use the software on. However, in some cases you can contact the vendor providing the software and through the use of special tools, arangements can be made for non-Internet enabled machines.

Another feature is a special Proof of Purchase certificate. This is not critical to maintaining your key, but some vendors may need the Certificate Number as proof of purchase in order to give additional after-sale services, and a certificate number is better (than your order number) because it is not used for anything other than to simply match you with the purchase you made. Your order number is required for certain submissions on Flight1.com, so we felt it is best to allow you a more anonymous way of identifying yourself in public areas.

So we hope the changes are easy for you to use. If you would like to read more about why these changes are required, read the section below.

Why did Flight1.com added security features and now require these steps?

As you may or may not be aware of, piracy is something that threatens our industry. But for Flight1.com, it goes deeper than what may meet the eye.

First, if customers pass keys and programs around, it costs both Flight1.com and our vendors potential sales on the title. Now, one may argue "...Well, many that go to the trouble of stealing the title are not really prospective customers in the first place!" Maybe this is somewhat correct, but another hidden cost that Flight1 has to incur is the cost of Internet Bandwidth.

Flight1.com strives to provide customers with fast, quality bandwidth. This way, you can download that title quickly and reliably. There is also the support we provide, as well as vendor sites we host, and supporting files for your title. This bandwidth is very expensive, and when someone gets a key or an unlicensed software version, then downloads the software, or add-ons, or requests support, this costs us both bandwidth and time. And in the limited-revenue industry we are in, this can really affect us, and thus the ability to keep providing higher-level services and software.

So we hope you understand the reasons for this, and that you do not see it as a "we do not trust you" approach, but as an attempt to provide legitimate customers with some of the best service and Internet infrastructure around.


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