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The Ultimate Traffic installer (from the original FS2002 version) installed a version of FSUIPC into FS2002 and will also install this version into FS2004. This can cause many problems. If you have purchased a new version of FSUIPC, the installer will overwrite it. Make sure this does not happen by backing up any version of FSUIPC that you have in FS2004 BEFORE running any Ultimate Traffic Installer. The FSUIPC.dll file can be found in the C:\Your_FS_Directory\Modules folder.

This older version of FSUIPC can also cause significant problems in Flight Simulator 2004 if you start Flight Simulator with it in the Modules folder. Make sure this older version is removed BEFORE running FS2004. If it is not removed, the dll files in the Modules folder of FS2004 may become corrupted. If this happens, FS2004 will not start and you will need to reinstall those specific dll files from the FS2004 CDs (they can be copied in to replace the corrupt ones and are available on CD #1 of the FS2004 CDs).

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