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How do I get product support via our support forums, or register my order to get support access?
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Revised: 11/3/2008


Flight1 supports all products via our technical support forums. Also, a few products require special registration to get official support. Here are instructions on getting support access, including access for forums that require special registration.


Flight1 utilizes different web forums in order to support products, as well as to provide a nice community where people can share their experiences.

Here is our main forum list:

* Denotes forums that require special registration. See below for more information.

Each site above has a support forum staffed with people that can help. Important note: Please do not private message a Flight1 staff member via the forum if you have a customer service issue - make sure you use the ticket system instead.

How do I get access to Licensed Member areas (or what do I do if I am already registered but forgot my username)?

Some forums also require licensed ownership of a product before you can access the official support area for the product. In order to gain access into the licensed member areas of the forum, a registration number needs to be provided. Always check the fixed post at the top of the forum you are trying to register in for the registration link, or see the links below for the registration area.

In licensed access forums, if you are still having trouble assigning your certificate to a user account or getting "already assigned" messages:

Make sure you are using the original order certificate if you upgraded your order with a coupon. Coupon upgrades use the original product certificate for registrations, not the new discounted purchase. Also, do not forget to use the forgotten user name retrieval system for special registration forums. For these forums, you can enter your user certificate to get your forum login name sent to you automatically.


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