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Flight1.com Customer Service & Support

Please carefully read through these pages so that you go to the correct area to get help.

Important Flight1 Support Policies: All product specific technical support is handled via our web forum systems. We maintain a ticket system to deal primarily with ecommerce issues that the automated systems on our support page can't handle. These include problems with your order, website questions, or other issues related to your orders or Flight1 account. Our official hours of operation are regular business hours Monday through Friday (USA time), excluding holidays. Note about product .key files: Flight1 has officially ended support for .key files. If you are having issues with product keys, please use the account method to reinstall.

How do I find my product download?

To find your product download, please use one of the options below.

Using the Flight1 Agent:

  1. Log in to the Flight1 Agent. If you do not have the Flight1 Agent, click here.
  2. Select the "Start Browsing" button.
  3. Select Settings in the menu, then use the "View All Flight1 Orders" button.
  4. Highlight your product in the list and select "Jump to Product" on the right side.

Using Flight1.com

  1. Log in to your account by clicking here.
  2. Select the "View Flight1 Orders" button.
  3. Find the product in the list and select the URL.
Technical Support for Products

If you are a Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, or Vista user, please click here for important information.

For many products, use our Simforums.com site. However, certain products have a dedicated forum site. Our complete forum listing is below:

Each site above has a support forum staffed with people that can help. Important note: Please do not private message a Flight1 staff member via the forum if you have a customer service issue - make sure you use the ticket system instead.

We also have a product listing site for many of our classic product where updates are available. Please click here to view the product list to see if there are updates to your product listed.

Flight1.com E-Commerce Software Wrapper and Product Activation Support

Flight1's e-commerce system allow you to do almost any task automatically, without having to wait for a staff member to assist you. Our system includes FAQ's, a Knowledge Base system, and many other pages that will hopefully address what you need. Using a Flight1 account can make make using our system easier. We suggest a Flight1 account for all users.

Here are some of our most common topics and step by step troubleshooters from our Knowlege Base system:

Our most common self-service pages...

The following self-service options are not required when using your Flight1 account:

Note: This section has been removed as Flight1 has officially ended support for product keys.

For Product Activation Only (if your product uses the Flight1 Product Activation system)...

Replacement Serial Numbers (if you purchased through Flight1.com and were issued a serial number)...

The Flight1.com Order Management System for all Self-Service options in greater detail

Run a Flight1.com email test to make sure you can receive mail from Flight1.com...

Click Here to Run a Flight1.com Email Test...

Some product require access to the Internet at the time of purchase or resinstall. If you are installing to a non-internet computer...

How to transfer licenses to a non-Internet connected computer...

Flight1 Account Management

If you have a Flight1 account, or want to open an account, please see the links below. Click here to learn about Flight1 accounts.

How to Contact the Flight1 Customer Service Department

To contact us directly, please use our ticket system.


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