Reactivating a key or order that has been deactivated maintains an automated system allowing you to reactivate your order should it be deactivated due to the access limit being reached, or a password being incorrectly entered too many times.

The process is very simple, and in most cases your order will be reactivated almost immediately.

1. Enter the exact email address that is officially associated with your order. If the order is associated with your Flight1 account, make sure you use your Flight1 account email. We also need your order number. Your order number is listed in the confirmation mail you received when you placed your order, or if you have a Flight1 account, your can view your order list there. If you lost your order number, click here for information on how to retrieve lost order numbers.

2. An e-mail will be automatically sent to the email address associated with the order with a validation link. Once you open the link in your browser, your order will be reactivated!

If you changed your email address and no longer have access to the original email address, and the order is not connected to your Flight1 account, you may need to change the email address assigned to your order. For more information on order information changes, please click here.

We are sorry for these additional steps, however, in most cases it should be all very straightforward and quick. If you would like to know more why we require these steps, please read the notes on this page.

Reactivate an Order:
Current E-Mail on Order or Flight1 Account
Order Number (for example C726741)
An e-mail will be sent immediately to the e-mail address on file with this order. Depending
on Internet traffic, your e-mail could take a few seconds, to a few minutes or longer.

If you need additional assistance that cannot be handled via our automated system, please make a submission via our ticket system.