Changing Your E-mail Address on an Order

You can use this automated service to change the working email address on an order (if the order is already listed in your Flight1 Account, there is no need to change the email address). In most cases, you will be able to do this automatically as long as you have your Proof of Purchase Certificate Number, as well as your purchase password and the original email address on the order.

Your Proof of Purchase Certificate Number was saved to your system when you made your purchase. The certificate number may also be in the confirmation mail you received when you made your purchase. For the certificate that was saved to your system, it will be in the folder of the company that produced the title. For example, if you purchased a Flight One Software title, look in C:\Flight One Software. The file to look for will look like "Proof_of_Purchase_xxxxx.htm" (xxxxx would be a Product ID). In most cases, your Certificate Number will look like this...123456-3AWHE29Q.

If you do not have your certificate number, you can retrieve it using our Certificate Retrieval Page.

You will also need your original order password. This password by default is the last 4 numbers of the credit card used for the purchase, or possibly another password that you selected or had issued to you. If you do not have your password, you can retrieve it using our Password Retrieval Page.

Finally, if you can't get all of the information required, you will need us to manually change the information for you. Please use the Ticket System to submit a request to have your original order information researched and located.

Please note that for security reasons, after a certain amount of invalid submissions (such as invalid passwords or certificate info), the ability to make changes to the order will be disabled, and you will need to contact us via our ticket system for further assistance. So make sure your submitted information is correct.

Change Your Order Email Address
Order Number/Certificate Number Pair
- (e.g. 123456-3AWHE29Q)
Current or Original E-Mail Address on Order
(address on file now)
New E-Mail Address to Use
Confirm the New E-Mail Address
Order Password
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