Retrieving Flight1 Order Certificate

When you placed a download order through, a special proof of purchase "Certificate Number" was assigned to your order. or their partner vendors may require certain proof of purchase information before being able to offer additional services, such as product support. You can get a replacement certificate through this page. Note: This page only applies to download purchases. If you purchased through a 3rd party vendor, this page does not apply.

Your Certificate may include a product serial number

Certain products purchased from may have an additional product serial number assigned to the purchase. If there is a serial number associated with your order, it will also be included in your Flight1 Order Certificate, or if using the Flight1 Agent, it will be in the Library when you select the product.

Where do I find my Certificate?

Your certificate is a 2 part set of numbers and letters... e.g. 1234567-AABBCCDD. It was both emailed to you in your purchase receipt, as well as saved to your computer as a "Proof_of_Purchase_xxxx.htm" file at the time of your purchase (xxxx is the product code). You can find it in the same folder with your key file, such as "C:\Flight One Software", or maybe a folder from a Flight1 e-commerce partner.

How can I get a replacement Certificate?

In order for you to retreive your certificate info, just enter your order number, as well as the current e-mail address on record for that order. You will get an e-mail with your Certificate information. More easily, you can view your certificate data when you a logged into the Flight1 account area or in the Flight1 Agent. You can alternately have a certificate list emailed to you here.

Important Reminder: Never post your certificate information in public. It should be kept private.

Retreive my Order Certificate:
Current EMail Adddress on Order
Order Number

The certificate associated with the information above will be sent to the verified address for the order.