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Flight1.com Ticket Messaging System

Flight1.com Ticket Messaging System

Flight1.com uses a Ticket Messaging System in order to better track and respond to your requests. Due to the amount of spam and e-mail filters that we encounter, a ticket system is much more effective.

Trouble reinstalling software? Getting reactivation notices? Having account login problems? Please visit the following:

Use our Troubleshooters for reinstall or account problems - Step by step troubleshooter to help resolve your issue now!

Important: Do not submit technical support questions regarding products. Use our Customer Service pages instead for links to our product support forums or other automated areas that may help address your issue.

Use the ticket system only for:

• E-Commerce, purchasing, or reinstall issues
• Problems with forum registrations
• General non-support inquires
• Selling your product using the Flight1 Ecommerce System

After you submit your new ticket, you will be given a ticket number. Please write this down! You will also be sent a confirmation mail with the ticket information. You may want to write your ticket number down in case you have trouble receiving the confirmation email. When we respond, you will receive notification that a response is waiting for you, or you can login to check to see if we have responded to your request. Important: Please allow up to 24 hours (or up to 48 hours during busy periods or holidays) for a reply.

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Important: Our ticket system should ONLY be used for issues related to product reinstall, reactivation, purchasing, or account issues. The staff here is NOT equipped to handle technical support issues.

All product technical support issues should be addressed in our forum system which has the proper staff to help.

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