Flight1.com E-Mail Test

Use this simple test to determine if you can receive email from the flight1.com server. It is critical that you can receive email from us in order to be able to administer all the automatic features of our ecommerce system, as well as to receive confirmations and other information when you place an order with us.

If you have trouble receiving mail, make sure your email system is allowing mail from the flight1.com (mail.flight1.com) domain.

If you do not receive mail from us using this test, contact your ISP and ask them why they are not allowing mail from the mail.flight1.com server. Also let your mail provider that flight1.com maintains all proper RDNS, SPF, and DKIM records. We have seen mail providers block legitimate mail in their quest to prevent SPAM. Since Flight1.com NEVER sends SPAM, any blocks are because the ISP has gone too far to block mail.

Enter your email address and press submit...

(Note: Your email address is not saved to our server with this test)