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Errors during product installation, such as "21FC" or other or installation error messages.
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Revised: 11/15/2018


When you try to install a product, you get errors during installation, such as "21FC", or "11FD", or other corruption error messages. You may get a message that a file could not be written, or other similar messages.


This error is usually because of corruption of the installation program, from bad memory on your system, or from interference from a 3rd party utility such as a virus scanner.

Please check the following:

  1. Please redownload the product if it is a downloaded product as your download may be corrupted. Do not use any download accelerators during the download process. Corruption during download is the most common cause of installation or decompression errors.

  2. You may have bad memory in your computer. This is actually quite common. You can test your memory by going to and downloading their utilities. Let the memory test run through at least the first 3 or 4 tests. Bad memory can cause decompression errors in memory.

  3. A security product may be causing interference during the download or installation process. Fully disable any virus scanner before downloading or installing a product.

  4. If you have the CD/DVD ROM version of a product, please clean the CD/DVD ROM disk. Also run the memory tests that are outlined in item 2 above. You can also try to copy the entire contents of the CD/DVD disk to your computer and run the setup from there. If it works there, then you may have a bad CD/DVD disk drive (or drivers).

  5. If your installation "hangs" at a certain file, then this is most certainly related to a security product on your system causing interference. Please audit your system for any security product you may have, and determine whether its settings need to be changes, or the security product disabled or uninstalled.

  6. It has been seen in some rare instances that people with more than 4 GB of system memory (primarily on older 32-bit systems) having trouble with some installations. In this case, try to remove memory to get back to 4gb, and see if the setup works. This could be because of how the memory is configured in the bios, or other problems with the memory installed.


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