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The Flight1 Account System and Common Errors
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Revised: 8/18/2016


Flight1 uses an optional account system for purchases. This article describes what Flight1 accounts do, why you may want to create one, and a few common customers may experience when using our accounts.


This page provides information on the Flight1 Account system, as well as a few common errors customers may get when trying to access a Flight1 account.

Opening an account with is very easy, and no purchase is required! An account can be used at the time of purchase however, and your order will be assigned to your account. You can then use our "keyless" reinstall system. Also, all orders can be saved under a single password.

A few common issues/misunderstandings regarding our accounts:

Accounts are not automatically created unless you create one on (simple purchases using our e-commerce tools do not automatically create an account). If you did purchase without an account, you can still open one up and if the email addresses on your orders match your account email address, your orders will be automatically assigned to the new account. If you have not purchased yet, we definitly recommend you use an account for purchasing.

If you try logging into an account and cannot, the best thing to do is to try the Flight1 Account Password Reset page. If you are not successful at this page, then it likely means you do not have an account under that email address. In this case, you can open an account (use the email address that has your orders). Optionally, you can use your product key to reinstall, without an account.

To create or maintain your account, use these links:

To open an account, please go to our new account page (make sure click the email activation link after opening).

To login to your account, please go to our account login page.

If you do believe you have an account and still cannot access it, please contact Flight1 Customer Service and we can try to help.

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