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How to get replacement keys for your Flight1 downloaded product.

  How to get replacement keys for products purchased through
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 1/16/2020)

Invalid account User Name or Password error when trying to purchase a product

  When you are trying to purchase a new product using the Flight1 ecommerce system, and you enter all your information, and then get an "Invalid account User Name or Password" error...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/7/2016)

The Flight1 Account System and Common Errors

  Flight1 uses an optional account system for purchases. This article describes what Flight1 accounts do, why you may want to create one, and a few common customers may experience when using our accounts...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/18/2016)

Errors during product installation, such as "21FC" or other or installation error messages.

  When you try to install a product, you get errors during installation, such as "21FC", or "11FD", or other corruption error messages. You may get a message that a file could not be written, or other similar messages...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 11/15/2018)

Error 13 When Installing Product from E-Commerce EXE

  After running a Flight1 E-Commerce EXE, I get an error message saying that there was an error running or creating new files, and to report error code 13...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/7/2016)

Invalid account login or Password errors when trying to reinstall a product

  When you try to reinstall a product using the "Click Here to Reinstall" button in a downloaded EXE, you get an invalid login or password error...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/7/2016)

Reinstall Error - Invalid Account or Login Troubleshooter

  Use this troubleshooter to help you with Flight1 accounts and reinstalling your software using your product account...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/18/2016)

Reinstall Error - You get an "order has exceeded its activation limit" message on reinstall

  When trying to reinstall a Flight1 product using your Flight1 account or a product key, you get a "The information submitted could not be validated because the order has exceeded its activation limit." error message...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/22/2016)

Ultimate Traffic 2 tells me I need to register the software again, but it was working before

  Ultimate Traffic 2 may stop working, when it was working before. You get an invalid license message, or a message telling you to register the software...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/21/2016)

How do I reinstall using my Flight1 account?

  You have a Flight1 account and want to reinstall your software. Using an account is very easy and allows you quick access to your Flight1 purchases when you need to reinstall the software...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 10/30/2017)

Converting a DVD product to use in the Flight1 Agent

  You have a DVD product and you would like the latest version. Converting to the Flight1 Agent allows you to get the latest version.  ...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 12/11/2023)


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