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Invalid account User Name or Password error when trying to purchase a product
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Revised: 8/7/2016


When you are trying to purchase a new product using the Flight1 ecommerce system, and you enter all your information, and then get an "Invalid account User Name or Password" error.


This error can occur for one of several reasons (if you have trouble reinstalling, please click here).

  1. You did not open a Flight1 account. Flight1 accounts are not automatically created. They are created by customers and are completely optional. All new Flight1 accounts are created here.

  2. You created an account, but you are using the wrong password or account email address. If you lost your account password, you can go to this page. Also, make sure you are using the correct email address for your account. Many users have multiple email addresses.

If you have placed orders in the Flight1 system using multiple email addresses, and want them merged to a single account, you can try to change the email address on an order using this link. If you have too many orders, you can make a special request in our ticket system and we can process multiple requests for you (as long as you submit certain validation information on your orders).

If you have trouble with your account and want to immediately purchase, simply remove the account login from the Flight1 purchase screen behind the top button, and make sure the email address entered using button 2 (where your contact info is entered) is the same address as your account. Your order will still be automatically associated with your account, and then you can contact Customer Service to assist you with your account issue.


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