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Ultimate Terrain X - USA Edition Version 1.2b Downloads

Ultimate Terrain X - USA - The total size of the download is 1.3GB.

Option 1 - Using the Flight1 Downloader Tool (prevents corruption and has full resume):

The Flight1 Downloader Tool will protect your file against any corruption, has full resume, and can validate and repair previous downloads. Using this tool will prevent you from having to restart a download from the beginning should you lose your Internet connection.

Download the Flight1 Downloader Tool (850 Kb) - Full instructions are included. You will also need the Data File for the product you are downloading (see below).

Download the file below, then start the Downloader tool and select the UT-FSX-USA.ddf file.

Zipped Downloader Data File (*.ddf) for Ultimate Terrain X - USA Edition Version 1.2b

Option 2 - Direct Download Method (if you have a fast, reliable, Internet connection):

Download UT-FSX-USA.exe (1.3GB)

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