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How to get replacement keys for your Flight1 downloaded product.

  How to get replacement keys for products purchased through
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/12/2008)

Invalid account User Name or Password error when trying to purchase a product

  When you are trying to purchase a new product using the Flight1 ecommerce system, and you enter all your information, and then get an "Invalid account User Name or Password" error...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/7/2016)

The Flight1 Account System and Common Errors

  Flight1 uses an optional account system for purchases. This article describes what Flight1 accounts do, why you may want to create one, and a few common customers may experience when using our accounts...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/18/2016)

Errors during product installation, such as "21FC" or other or installation error messages.

  When you try to install a product, you get errors during installation, such as "21FC", or "11FD", or other corruption error messages. You may get a message that a file could not be written, or other similar messages...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 7/23/2016)

Error 13 When Installing Product from E-Commerce EXE

  After running a Flight1 E-Commerce EXE, I get an error message saying that there was an error running or creating new files, and to report error code 13...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/7/2016)

Invalid account login or Password errors when trying to reinstall a product

  When you try to reinstall a product using the "Click Here to Reinstall" button in a downloaded EXE, you get an invalid login or password error...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/7/2016)

Reinstall Error - Invalid Account or Login Troubleshooter

  Use this troubleshooter to help you with Flight1 accounts and reinstalling your software using your product account...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/18/2016)

Reinstall Error - You get an "order has exceeded its activation limit" message on reinstall

  When trying to reinstall a Flight1 product using your Flight1 account or a product key, you get a "The information submitted could not be validated because the order has exceeded its activation limit." error message...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/22/2016)

Ultimate Traffic 2 tells me I need to register the software again, but it was working before

  Ultimate Traffic 2 may stop working, when it was working before. You get an invalid license message, or a message telling you to register the software...
(Category: Downloads and E-Commerce - Revised 8/21/2016)


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