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Command The Skies with the 112A

Notice: Please read our FS2004 (FS9) Limited Support Notice before purchasing this product.

Flight 1 Software is proud to announce that it's reproduction of the Commander 112A is now available for Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight users. The Flight1 Commander 112A continues our tradition and unmatched commitment of offering you the highest level of realism and integration available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform.

A Little History

In December of 1970 the General Aviation Divisions of Rockwell International announced the introduction and first public flight of a completely new single engine, four seat light aircraft known as the Aero Commander 112A.

Rockwell began development of the original Commander 111 and 112 during the late 1960s, and announced its new range in late 1970. Both models featured conventional construction and a low wing configuration but the 111 had fixed undercarriage and the 112 had retractable gear. The prototype 112 first flew on December 4 1970, and was powered by a 180hp Lycoming O360, while a prototype 111 flew for the first time late in 1971. The loss of the 112 prototype during flight testing due to the structural failure of the tail unit delayed certification and production of both models until the problem could be corrected. Deliveries of production aircraft took place from late 1972.

Production 111s were powered by 180hp O360s and production 112s were powered by more powerful 200hp IO360s. Only a few 111s were built before Rockwell decided to concentrate on the higher performance retractable gear 112. The updated 112A appeared in 1974 with a higher max takeoff weight, improved cabin ventilation and detail refinements, while the turbo charged 112TC was introduced in 1976.

Commander 112A Features

Flight One Software continues its "commitment to authenticity" with it's rendition of the Commander 112A. The Lycoming IO-360-C1D6, 200 HP, Four Cylinder, Fuel Injected Engine, along with its Hartzell 3-blade metal prop, will take you to nearly 14,000 feet with a range of 569 NM.

The aircraft add-on features include: a stunning visual model that is configurable with 2 or 3 blade prop configurations and fixed/non-fixed side views, accurate flight modeling with two engine configurations, plus much more.

The aircraft includes two state of the art avionic panel configurations. The analog panel comes with Flight 1's very own rendition of the Garmin GNS430/530 GPS/NAV/COM avionics suite. The glass panel configuration allows sim pilots to fly in a modern age cockpit using the Chelton FlightLogic EFIS Multifunction display system. Both panels are coupled with the easy-to-use Chelton AP-3C autopilot.

The Commander 112A package also includes detailed manuals on the aircraft and avionics systems, as well as Flight1's Text-O-Matic repaint utility will allow you to expand your fleet with customized paint schemes and much, much more.

Download Information

The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 105 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

Via direct download (105 MB)

Main Server

FS Compatibility / System Requirements

This product is only compatible with FS2004, so of course, FS2004 is required. For your computer, we recommend you have a 1.6 GHz machine, with a 128 Mb memory video card. System memory should be a minimum of 512. Low-end on-board sound chips are NOT recommended. A plugin sound card, such as a Soundblaster Audigy, is recommended. In some cases, sounds will not work correctly unless you have an adequate sound card.

Windows XP is the official operating system that is supported for use with the Commander 112A. It may work with other Microsoft operating systems, however this is not supported by Flight One.

USD - $ 28.95

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