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421C Golden Eagle

"A little bit of General Aviation, a little bit of Airliner, and a whole lot of Business"

The Cessna 421C Golden Eagle
is a pressurized "cabin class" aircraft that offers comfort, speed, reliability and predictable handling in an airplane that can climb to a ceiling of 30,000 ft and a cruise speed of up to 258 knots. At time of release, no other aircraft could fly further, faster, higher and carry as much load in any comparable piston twin class. The Golden Eagle's performance equals many turboprops, yet costs hundreds of thousands less to own and operate. Highly competitive and built for the business aviation market, the 421C Golden Eagle still offers small to medium business's an economical and reliable way to close critical deals and expand opportunities.

The Engines
Two turbo-charged, fuel injected 6 cylinder GTSIO-520-L 375 hp Continental engines effortlessly whisk the Golden Eagle to a speed of nearly 260 knots (faster than some turboprops) and do it with outstanding fuel efficiency. The Golden Eagles engines and airframe provide a huge maximum useful load of 2,928 pounds with a maximum cruise of 243 knots. This equates to excellent mission capability and a wide variety of passenger / cargo / fuel trip flexibility.

The Wing
Bonded to eliminate rivets and minimize drag. The "wet wing" design also allows for huge fuel capability yet simplifies fuel management at the same time. The Golden Eagles wing provides great efficiency for better performance at high speeds and high altitude, plus more stable handling at low speeds during takeoff and landing. The Golden Eagle can operate from a shorter field and climb to altitude faster than many competitive aircraft. This allows you access to more airfields and lets you clear high-density traffic areas faster and get to altitude quicker, where you can fly with greater speed and better fuel efficiency.


Reflective Texture Mapping
Flight One's Golden Eagle is designed with g-max. The 421C fuselage and window textures provide reflective mapping like the default FS aircraft. As you move, the textures reflect lighting, terrain and objects in the paint and window areas. The 421C is one of the most highly detailed aircraft available for Flight Simulator and is designed in muti-resolution format. The Golden Eagle steps up to the plate and defines what detail is all about. We dare say that you will be hard pressed to find another FS model with this level of detail and accuracy. That's a high claim, but we deliver.

Flight Dynamics
The 421's flight dynamics have been carefully modeled with great accuracy. Validated by 421 pilots, you can be assured of a realistic experience.

Fully Animated
The 421C hosts many animated parts - rolling wheels - working suspension. Even the gear actuating arms slide in and out of the cylinders. All control surfaces are animated and the cabin door opens and folds down the stairs! Even the landing lights and light beam move as you turn the aircraft whether inside or outside of the cockpit.

Virtual Cockpit
You wont find a more detailed virtual cockpit / cabin period. Whether you decide to sit in the cockpit or pan around and move to the back you can get a true perspective of what its like to fly or sit back in the cabin and enjoy the flight as you look out the side windows! The 421 Virtual Cabin also contains fully operating gauges, animated yoke and throttle quadrant.

The 421 Photo Real Panel contains all custom gauges. Many unique gauges are included such as a Fuel Totalizer, S -Tec 55 "style" Auto-Pilot, etc. The 421C also includes a unique cruise / landing view that can be toggled by clicking on the panel eyebrow allowing cruise and landing segments of the flight to appear more natural and provide a more realistic perspective.

The Sounds have been carefully blended and mixed to provide a very realistic 421 twin sound set. This sound set provides a very "unique" experience when departing at full throttle in a way that truly captures what a twin sounds like coming out of the gate.

Added Features

Custom GPS
The Golden Eagle comes with a "custom" GPS navigation system that rivals the "Garmin 530 Style" appearance and functions. The included custom database extraction utilty allows you to quickly find and fly to your chosen destination.

Sky Watch
Not only does the Golden Eagle come with a custom GPS, but you also get "Sky Watch". Sky Watch is a TCAS style feature that displays other aircraft in your proximity and warns you when they are in or near your flight path. These style features really do make the Golden Eagle "your personal airliner"

Configuration Manager
The Configuration Manager allows you to custom load different weight configurations that effect the performance and handling characteristics of the Golden Eagle. "Config Manager" also allows you to modify the cockpit night lighting color, choose either the pilot or copilot position in the virtual cockpit, select the GPS display refresh rate for better frame rates, select the default country so that the GPS waypoint input screen defaults to your appropriate prefix code on start up and more!

Text O Matic
Flight One's proprietary Text O Matic takes user created texture templates or "skins" and allows you to quickly assign them to the 421C Golden Eagle. You can use the included "Base Template" to create new paint schemes in programs like JASC's Paint Shop Pro or any other capable painting program. Once created, you can upload the template to popular simulator sites and expand the amount of custom paint jobs available for the 421C Golden Eagle.

Text O Matic uses these templates to quickly assign a new model that will appear in the Flight Simulator with just 4 simple clicks. What's all this mean? With user created templates and Text O Matic, you can have countless different versions of the 421C Golden Eagle on your system and creating them is as easy as downloading the templates.

Download 421C Golden Eagle Here

The 421C Golden Eagle "is" the premier piston engined twin for FS2002 and FS2004.With all the finely crafted features and utilities you won't find a more comprehensive and elegant package as this one. If you are ready to graduate from single engine Sunday flying and are ready for the challenge of a high performance twin, you need to get your own personal airliner, the Golden Eagle 421C !

The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 35 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

Version 1.0 - Via direct download (35 MB)

Download the 421C Golden Eagle Here

421C Golden Eagle Reviews

"At the time of its release this package was groundbreaking. There really is nothing more to say. From the visual model, through to the 2D and 3D cockpits, featuring various utilities and instrument clusters, Flight1 created a fantastic aircraft. Who said an aircraft has to be big to be enjoyed in Flight Simulation? With an impressive 2D panel, landing/cruise view, virtual cockpit and visual model, not to mention the exceptional instrument cluster, what isn't there to like?" - 4.5 STARS - AVSIM Online - To read the entire review, Click Here.

"All in all, this is the best balanced FS add-on I have ever seen - every part of it is developed to the highest standard, which makes for a truly great package. In my experience this is a rare thing in flight simulation, because it is rarely possible to assemble a team with such well matched abilities as Flight1 have clearly managed to do." - - To read the entire review, Click Here.

"Because of the detail of the aircraft, as well as all those neat little things like the configuration manager, the text o matic, the GPS, and certainly the flight dynamics in conjunction with the visual design makes this piece of software the best overall package." Simflight.Com

421C Golden Eagle Support / Updates

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System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

Windows - XP
Processor - 500 MHz
Memory - 512 MB RAM

USD - $ 22.95

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