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iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition - Complete Version

iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition for FSX. iFly have produced what is probably the most sophisticated and comprehensive simulation to date of the 737NG airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX. PACKAGE INCLUDES 737NG 600, 700, 700ER, 800, 900, 900ER, BBJ, BBJ2 and BBJ3 models with over 60+ airline liveries, and many more liveries available for free download. This special Cockpit Builders Edition contains additional software to make it a one box solution for your cockpit build.

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Product Features

This edition includes the Pro software AND the FSX version of the iFly 737NG!

This Cockpit Builders Edition is released in two versions. If you already own the iFly 737NG FSX Edition, you can buy the 'Pro Cockpit Builders Edition' at a specially discounted price by visiting the product page for just the 'Pro upgrade' disc here. You must install the iFly 737NG for FSX as well to be able to use the Pro Cockpit Builders software.

IMPORTANT - This product is for home / academic use and is not licensed to be used for training, or any professional or commercial use. You can use this product as a basic familiarization aid that introduces you to the aircraft systems in a home / academic environment. If you wish to use this product in a commercial, flight school or academic training / classroom environment, please contact Airliner1 for options.

This product page is for the COMPLETE Edition which contains both the FSX Edition of the iFly 737NG aircraft and the additional PRO Cockpit Builders Edition networking software for home cockpit builders.

The 'Pro' disc enables you to easily setup gauges across multiple screens and networked computers without having to run undocked windows just on one FSX machine. This massively improves performance over running the undocked gauges on the FSX computer, and gives many additional benefits for the home cockpit builder.

This will transform your 737NG Cockpit build with a one-box solution for your displays and gauges. The cockpit builders software seamlessly integrates with the iFly 737NG for FSX, giving users the ultimate in flexibility in their choice of 737NG model and allows fitting out their cockpit with their choice of airline customer options.

Using its own protocol, the client PCs connect with FSX and the iFly 737NG via the installed server program, allowing the user to create, resize and position all of the gauges required for the perfect 737NG flight deck. Create custom combinations of displays that automatically open on each client screen, perfectly sized, positioned and saved.

The following Gauges are ALL available in this package and can be added to any screen as one single display or spread across multiple networked computers and displays. You can easily configure combinations of gauges to be displayed over one or more monitors connected to each networked computer.

Pro-Cockpit Builders Software

  • Server software
  • Client Software for multiple computers

  • Captain Gauges

  • PFD
  • ND
  • FMC with or without keypad

  • First Officer Gauges

  • PFD
  • ND
  • FMC with or without keypad

  • Engine Display Gauges

  • Upper DU
  • Lower DU

  • Standby gauges

  • Flaps guage, Clocks, ISFD gauge, RMI without frames

  • You can have the Captain or First Officer's PFD and NDs on one display or split across separate computers. Likewise you can add the set of Standby gauges to the Upper DU screen if a shared monitor is covering both of these systems. The FMC CDU is available as 'screen' only version or as full CDU for single screen with mouse interaction or touch screen use as required. A simple panel.cfg file entry swaps them over in seconds.

    Ultimate Flexibility

    This package offers the ultimate flexibility - removing the need for numerous programs to achieve the same effect. Simply start FSX and Select the iFly 737NG of your choice and the server will automatically connect with your client PCs. The pre-selected gauges will then open automatically on the appropriate displays.

    This extensive package has stunning exterior models of every NG and BBJ variant. Each can be flown with an incredibly realistic virtual cockpit in addition to the 'Cockbit Builders' configuration and with a level of systems simulation authenticated by real NG Pilots. Systems and flight dynamics have been tested by real 737NG pilots to ensure that accuracy of performance and functions that mirrors the real aircraft.

    iFly Configuration Manager

    The iFly Configuration Manager allows you to load fuel and passengers, customise jet engine type, add eyebrow windows and wing-tips and customise your fleet with individual panel preferences and settings for each livery and model type. Ground support is provided for maintenance, air and electrical utilities. Even push-back is controlled from the fully-featured FMC to ensure you are totally immersed in the 'flight deck' experience. The FMC includes ETA page editing, step climb, accurate cost index for LRC/ ECON speeds, fly-by and fly-over conditional waypoints and much more.

    This boxed edition contains a comprehensive printed Gauge Configuration manual which explains the essentials to get you started in using the Pro Cockbit Builders software. A second printed manual gets you flying the iFly737NG, which also features a first flight tutorial PLUS full-colour poster-sized panel guide indexed to both the printed and PDF tutorials to help you find your way around the flight deck. A 500+ page Operations Manual based on the real aircraft manual, Quick Reference Handbook, and an extensive tutorial giving advanced training in the use of the FMC and auto-flight system are automatically installed in PDF format!

    iFly 737NG - Avsim Readers Choice Award 2011 Best Commercial Aircraft.

    iFly 737NG - Winner of the Flugsimulation.com - Best Airliner Award

    iFly 737NG - FS Magazin Editor's Choice Award

    You can read a review of the iFly 737NG at Mutley's Hangar here that gave it 10 out of 10 and an award for Excellence.

    iFly 737NG Aircraft Software


  • Winds aloft forecast entries
  • Conditional waypoints for SIDS / STARS / Approaches
  • Fly-by and Fly-over waypoints for SIDS / STARS / Approaches
  • Accurate Cost Index calculations for LRC / ECON speeds
  • Horizontal and vertical navigation
  • User defined and conditional waypoints
  • SID/STAR and navdata custom database
  • ETA and Fuel prediction
  • All pages and menus are implemented
  • Colour display
  • Maintenance pages

  • Autopilot

  • Realistic Autopilot Flight Director System with Autothrottle System
  • With left and right Flight Director
  • Cross-bar or single cue flight director
  • Two individual flight control computers (FCCs)
  • Fully simulated AFDS Status Annunciation
  • Pitch/Roll CWS with a CMD Engage Switch Selected
  • Activation of mouse wheel for easier MCP windows settings

  • Autothrottle (A/T) Engaged Mode:

  • N1 - MCP SPD
  • GA - THR HLD

  • Roll Mode:


  • Pitch Mode

  • TO/GA - G/S
  • V/S - FLARE

  • Leg Types

  • Track to Fix
  • Direct to Fix
  • Arc to Fix
  • Course to Fix
  • Radius to Fix
  • Heading

  • Exterior Model

  • 737-600/700/700ER/800/900/900ER/BBJ/BBJ2/BBJ3
  • 3DS Max Model
  • Realistic control surfaces
  • Working elevator power
  • Realistic flight spoilers and ground spoilers
  • Working auto-slat
  • Nozzle valve animation
  • Working APU doors
  • Entry & cargo doors with corresponding cockpit light
  • High quality livery textures
  • Flex wing

  • Virtual Cockpit:

  • Gauges fully functional and clickable. Every switch, knob and lever is modelled in 3D and animated
  • Animated windows wipers (two speeds) and more
  • Superb instrument lighting at night
  • Windshield reflection

  • Systems

  • Fully simulated Inertial Reference System
  • Terrain Radar
  • Display type (PFD/ND or EFIS)
  • NAV1/2 receiver with working AUTO/MAN mode
  • Realistic Ground Proximity Warning System
  • Cabin pressurization gauge & logic fully implemented
  • Flap load relief protection and auto-slats logic
  • Failures System
  • Aural alert
  • Simulation of Left and Right EFIS
  • Full TCAS logic (with traffic display on EHSI)
  • 2D Panel supports both standard and widescreen monitors
  • Hundreds of programable key assignments
  • You have the ability to operate both captain and first officers ND's in different modes together while in 2D widescreen and in the virtual cockpit

  • Miscellaneous

  • With engine CFM56-7B Max Static Thust 18/20/22/24/26/27 lbs.
  • Interactive Configuration Manager
  • Many custom configuration options
  • Detailed operation manual, tutorial and QRH included
  • Aircraft performance calculated directly from flight model parameters
  • New very smooth GDI+ based CRT displays
  • Outstanding sound package
  • Ground support and push back

  • iFly Community Forums for support, updates, and a whole lot more!

    Make sure you visit the iFly forum community for product support, repaint information, product updates, cockpit builders forum, and a whole lot more. This community is very active with many other iFly pilots, real world pilots, cockpit builders, texture artists, and many others.

    iFly Community Forums

    FS Compatibility - System Requirements

    MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X with SP2 or Acceleration or Steam Edition
    Windows XP or higher (64-bit Recommended)

    Processor - 2.6 GHz Quad-core Processor (4.0 GHz or higher recommended)
    Memory - 3 GB RAM or higher
    Hard Drive - 2 GB free
    Video Card - 1 GB (2 GB or higher recommended)

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    USD - $525.00

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