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Flight One's Sabre vs. MiG "The Korean Conflict"

"...Can you handle Jet Combat?"

Sabre vs. MiG sets the stage for the beginning of fighter combat in the early "Jet Age" and the famous battles over MiG Alley; the airspace in the North Western corner of North Korea. MiG Alley was an infamous breeding ground for trouble and challenged the best of pilots.

Now you can zoom-climb the famous MiG-15, swoop down to assault the UN aircraft and try to make it back to safety over the border, or you can strap yourself in one of the most famous MiG eaters of all time - the F86 Sabre. The Korean Conflict was the cutting ground for the US Air Force in the 1950's and challenged it to test its abilities, technology and commitment to air superiority.

Sabre vs. MiG includes custom aircraft, scenery, and missions designed specifically for Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 2. The aircraft contained in Sabre vs. MiG display many real CFS2 features typically not found in 3rd party aircraft:

CFS2/FS2002 style rolling wheels - sliding canopies - pilot ejection - jet exhaust trails - speed brakes - working shocks and suspension - fully rendered virtual cockpits with working gauges - multi resolution format for increased online playability and frame rates - working drop tanks - individual component separation occurs when damage potential is reached.

Check Out the Reviews

"We award this product our very first award of excellence in aircraft design"


"Complete and incredible... For those of you that have been waiting for a
top notch Korean War add-on for CFS2, this is it"


"This add-on is nothing short of spectacular"


Additional Features:

  • 12 - Aircraft (7 Flyable - 5 AI)
  • Player Aircraft - (3) F-86 Sabre Jets - (3) MiG-15 - (1) F-51
  • Artificial Intelligence Aircraft - B-29, TU-2, Yak-9, F-84, F-82
  • Custom Panel and Gauges
  • Custom Sounds
  • 20 - Custom Missions
  • 4 - Campaigns
  • Custom Nationality Screens
  • 10 - Custom Airbases and Scenery

  • Combat Clouds

    Flight1's Combat Clouds allows you to change the "default" Clouds in CFS2 into life like realistic renditions of what clouds should look like. MiG Alley comes alive as you barrel down through wispy cloud layers to descend on your enemy. No more blocky cloud sets to distract your level of realism.

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    Sabre vs. MiG FAQ's

    You can find answers to your questions and periodic file enhancments by checking the FAQ's page. Sabre vs. MiG FAQ's

    Recommended System Requirements

    * Combat Flight Simulator 2 (required)
    * Pentium 450 Mhz Processor or faster
    * 128 Mb of RAM or more
    * 32 Mb 3D Graphics Accelerator Card or better
    * 1024 x 768 Capable Monitor
    * 3D Sound Card

    This product is not compatible with older Voodoo 1 or 2 video cards

    USD - $ 24.95

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