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New Version 1.1!

Tibet Flight 2004 is a complete "Environment" Package for Tibet that contains enhanced terrain mesh, landclass, & new airports of the Tibet Area. Version 1.1 is now enhanced with additional details and it has made Tibet Flight 2004 more than 100MB larger than its first release. There are many features to this package including:

  • Lod=9 76.2m mesh coverage from N25-N34 to E78-E100 - In this coverage, enhanced mesh covers all Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, North part of India, Myanmar, Yunnan(China), Qinghai(China).
  • Lod=8,152.4m mesh coverage from N34-N37 to E78-E100 - In this coverage, enhanced mesh covers Xinjiang (China) and Qinghai (China).
  • Beautiful VFR Flying "On Top of the World".
  • 12 Detailed Airports/Airfields in Tibet for both Airline and GA Flights.
  • AI Flights included for These Airports.
  • Preset Flights installed to get you started.

  • (Note: This add-on package is for FS2004 Only)

    Additional features:

  • Enhanced mesh landclass for VFR flight near the 12 airports.
  • "Frame rate friendly" Autogen towns, cities, and some road facilities; e.g. the light poles line, buildings.
  • Enhanced 76.4m mesh covered area around 12 airports.
  • Detailed airports for civil aviation usage.
  • At every airport, you will notice that the 120ft area around fuel trucks is a "Hot Refuel Area" for Automatic Aircraft Refueling.
  • AI Traffic for the airports, almost 1700 flight per day in the whole Tibet Area.
  • AI timetable for 12 airports.
  • AI planes for AI-flights: Boeing 737-400, with 10 sets of civil airlines schemes. Boeing 747-400, With 3 sets of civil airlines schemes. Beech BARON 58 & King Air 350 with civil aviation flight trainers color.

  • Compare Default vs. New!

    1. Before Tibet Flight 2004

    1. After Tibet Flight 2004

    2. Before Tibet Flight 2004

    2. After Tibet Flight 2004

    3. Before Tibet Flight 2004

    3. After Tibet Flight 2004

    Download it here!

    After you download the file below, simply run the file and the purchase screen will appear. The product is a very large download so you will likely need a cable or DSL connection. A limited-run CD ROM should be available in early March.

    Tibet Flight 2004 (281MB)

    Documentation is included.

    Tibet Flight 2004 Support

    Bear Studios has a forum over at www.simforums.com. Please visit their forum for any questions or support from the developers.

    System Requirements

    Tibet Flight 2004 does not require anything special above what would normally run FS2004 properly. However, about 330MB of hard disk space is required.
    USD - $19.95

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