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Airport Studio - Edit Airports directly inside Flight Simulator!

Airport Studio is a simple yet powerful airport editor for FSX and FS2004 that lets you edit airports directly inside Flight Simulator. You can easily create, move around and delete airport elements using the mouse in the 3D or top-down view. Airport Studio displays an overlay in the Flight Simulator scenery with the airport being edited, allowing for a true in-place editing.

You can use Airport Studio on its own to add, modify or remove taxiways, parking spots, aprons, start locations, helipads, boundary fences and other elements of your airports without leaving Flight Simulator. No need to guess locations or restart FS frequently - you always see and edit all airport elements in the Flight Simulator view. Once finished editing, simply save the file and hit the Reload button for your changes to take effect in Flight Simulator!

Airport Studio is also a perfect companion product for our Airport Facilitator X, or for any other airport editor. When used this way, you can easily adjust visible airport elements inside Airport Studio, and use the standalone airport editor for other tasks. Airport Studio will automatically detect and load changes every time you save the file in the external airport editor. This allows you to edit the airport simultaneously inside and outside of Flight Simulator.

Product Features

Edit airports directly inside FSX and FS9 - Airport Studio is the only airport editor that runs directly inside Flight Simulator!

Imports both stock and add-on airports in the FSX and FS9 BGL format.

Displays an accurate representation of all airport elements in Flight Simulator, both in top-down and 3D views.

No learning curve needed for users who have experience with Airport Facilitator X, AFCAD or any other airport editor - just use all mouse operations familiar from other airport editors directly inside Flight Simulator. And if you are new to airport editing, you will learn to use Airport Studio in just a few minutes thanks to the intuitive user interface.

Easily move the viewpoint around and zoom with the mouse - just like in any other airport editor.

Perfect integration with our Instant Scenery product - you can keep both tools open at the same time to edit airport elements and scenery objects.

Align parking spots with ease - you can place a preview aircraft at any parking spot before moving it, and see where the actual aircraft of the chosen type will be parked.

Unlimited Undo/Redo - reverse the effect of editing operations by clicking on the undo button!

Easy point and click - The airport element under the mouse is highlighted to provide a better pointing accuracy.

Selection of multiple objects is possible for moving, deleting, rotating or changing their properties.

Copy and paste airport elements or groups of them, both within the same airport and across different airport files.

Examine object details by simply hovering over it with the mouse pointer.

Lots of display options - toggle the display of Lights, Nodes/Links/Parking, Taxiways, Taxiway Signs, Start Locations, Hold Short Limits, Exclusion Rectangles can be toggled by the user.

Reload the scenery quickly - reloading of scenery in Flight Simulator can be triggered by a single button click in Airport Studio.

Customizable colors for the airport overlay.

Supported Airport Elements

  • Airport Reference Point
  • Tower Viewpoint
  • Runways (with markings and runway lights)
  • Taxiways (with designators), apron paths and nodes
  • Parking Spots (with airline assignments)
  • Apron Polygons
  • Apron Edge Lights
  • Start Locations
  • Helipads
  • Taxiway Signs
  • Exclusion Rectangles
  • Vehicle parking spots and paths (FSX only)
  • Moving Jetways (FSX only)
  • Boundary Fences (FSX only)
  • Blast Fences (FSX only)

  • Compatibility with Other Tools

    Instant Scenery - can be used at the same time as Airport Studio. You can edit airport elements and scenery objects at the same time. A single mouse click switches between Instant Scenery and Airport Studio while keeping both scenery objects and the airport overlay visible.

    Airport Facilitator X - can be used at the same time as Airport Studio. You can also edit the same airport both with AFX and Airport Studio at the same time. When you save the changes in AFX, Airport Studio will automatically load them, and vice versa.

    Other airport editors - can be used at the same time as Airport Studio, including editing the same airport. When you save the changes in the external airport editor, Airport Studio will automatically load them. When you save changes in Airport Studio, you may have to manually reload the airport in the external editor.

    Free Demo Version

    Not a user of Airport Studio yet? Download the free demo and try it out! The free demo offers the full functionality of the product within the 50NM radius of the Boeing Field for up to 30 days.

    30-Day Demo Version!

    Download Information

    The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 5.4 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

    Version 1.0 - Via direct download (5.4 MB)

    Click Here To Download!

    Airport Studio Support

    Support for this product can be found via the Flight1 support site at

    System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X or 2004
    Windows 7, Vista or XP

    USD - $ 19.95

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