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Bear Studios J-10B Prototype from Bear Studios

The Chengdu J-10 is a multirole fighter aircraft designed and produced by the People's Republic of China's Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (CAC) for the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). Known as "Vigorous Dragon", the J-10 is the most important aircraft designed in past 20 years in China Aviation Industry, and enter service at 2005. J-10 is a 3+ Generation multi-role combat aircraft capable of all-weather day/night operation. In PLAAF, J-10 takes similar position as F-16 Viper in USAF.

The J-10B is a modified variant of the J-10 multirole fighter aircraft, with modifications in airframe and avionics. Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) of AVIC began to develop a follow-on variant of its J-10 fighter around 2004. A J-10B prototype reportedly made its maiden flight in December 2008.

J-10B Aircraft Highlights

Ramp less Inlet like F-35.

The J-10B features a chin-mounted diffuser supersonic inlet (DSI) air inlet. The traditional rectangle-shape air inlet on the J-10 requires a large moveable inlet ramp to generate a rearward leaning oblique shock wave to aid the inlet compression process. The ramp sits at an acute angle to deflect the intake air stream from the longitudinal direction. The air inlet comprises many moving parts, which increases the aircraft's weight and radar reflections.

The newly designed ramp less inlet employs a one-piece bump at the top of the inlet replacing the movable ramp. This eliminates all moving parts on the inlet, lightening the overall weight and reducing the aircraft's radar signature.

Electro-Optic Targeting System

The J-10B has been added with an electronic-optic targeting system (EOTS) commonly found on all fourth-generation Russian fighter aircraft such as Su-27 and MiG-29. Placed forward of the cockpit canopy to the right, the system comprises an infrared search and track (IRST) sensor and a laser rangefinder, which can detect enemy targets passively without requiring to turn on the fire-control radar, thus reducing the chance of the aircraft being detected. The EOTS of the J-10B is likely based on a Russian design.

Tailfin and Wing mounted ECM Pods

The upper edge of J-10B's tailfin is curved, in contrast to the straight-edged tailfin of the J-10. A large fairing is added to the tip of the tailfin to accommodate electronic warfare and countermeasures (EW/ECM) equipment. Such pods also seem under wings.

Low Vis Formation Light Arrays

The J-10B has four black antenna arrays attached externally to the fuselage, a larger one on either side of the cockpit and a smaller one on either side of the rear fuselage near the engine nozzle. The specific purpose of these antennas is low Vis formation light for night flight. The similar equipment spotted on Su-30MKK and MK2.

This is a stand-alone product, do not need any plug-in and/or files from Bear Studios Chengdu J-10 "Vigorous Dragon" package. But same flight manual can be used on J-10A and J-10B.

The J-10 Family from Bear Studios is accurate and in-depth simulation products for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 & FSX (ESP/Prepar 3D). In this product, we make complex systems and operating procedures simulating reference from a real aircraft.

Note: For flight simulator versions differences and limitations, not all animations and/or features may function during solo or multiplayer flight. FSX models have native fsx format, when aircraft installed, you may find aircraft under UI Creation "Bear Studios"

New Features Included For J-10B

  • Rebuilt cockpit layout with enlarge MFDs, replace classic backup gauges. With more display elements in MFD pages. Colored Navigation Map, EICAS, Hydraulics, attitude Indicator, AOA G-Force and FCS status displayed in various MFD Pages, This integrated system give pilots more Situation Awareness. New HUD shapes from J-10B/J-11B/BS replaced the old types.
  • Rebuilt new aircraft shapes accurate from updated J-10B Prototype pictures when they are spotted in test flight. Models can carry more payloads on additional hard points. Afterburner nozzles shaped to WS-10A turbofan engine mounted on J-10B and J-11B/BS. Engine exhaust, afterburner and navigation lights effects also have optimized.
  • Shapes on drag chutes, weapon and payloads optimized too.
  • Flight Models updated with new published WS-10A facts and bump ramp less inlet (DSI) system. Since DSI inlet have no ramp adjust system, so control boxes and switch removed from cockpit.
  • Improved sound pack for Gsh-23-2 gun fire effects.
  • Flight1`s cockpit switch can support J-10B. Pilots can change cockpit tags and gauge language between Chinese and English.
  • All aircraft models, gauges, textures and effects optimized.

Complete List of Features for J-10 Family

  • In-depth simulation based on officially published papers related to Engine, Hydraulic Machinery, Avionics, Radar, Flight Controls, and Navigation.
  • Highly efficient and detailed external modeling. Delivery and Jettison sequence recreated.
  • Weapons and storages individually modeled with weight. When selecting weapons/storage released from the aircraft, the SMS (Storage Management System) will detect the status and make dynamic changes.
  • Custom keystrokes mapped to gaming devices for HOTAS setups.
  • Highly detailed Virtual cockpit (VC) features:
    • High resolution textures with sharp gauge text.
    • Emissive Avionics, MFD, and HUD.
    • Flood light and console light in 2 colors, MFD and gauge back light for night flight. Interior lights controlled individually by light control switches, simulating electrical bus behavior.
  • JL-10A Multi-role Fire Control Radar and Optical Sensor system simulation.
    • This system has 5 main modes, for searching detecting and calculation of fire control solution to designated AI target and/or selected fixed ground target, Radar with 6 difference scan sub modes related to proper weapons or working functions
    • CRM/ACM Mode for air target
    • GMTI Mode for ground moving target
    • FTT Mode for ground fixed target
    • NAV Aid (Beacon) Mode
    • AIFF for ACM/CRM combined Modes
    • Integrated Fire Control System simulation
    • Data Link and Ground Control Intercepting System (GCI) simulation.
  • Stores include: Air Show Smoke Generators Pod
  • Built-in aerial refueling using AI aircraft for Tanker.
  • Fully animated canopy and ejection sequences.
  • Procedural animation system including:
  • Boarding ladder, air intake blockage covers, visible controlled by conditional status
  • Full pilot articulation with autonomous movement and gesturing.
  • Build-in FCS controlled flight control surfaces.
  • Speed brake and hydraulics power simulation
  • Real functional Drag Chute, animated and rotated by conditional status, deploy with real limitation related to real aircraft.
  • Automatically trailing and leading edge flaps. Controlled by related conditional status
  • Tip vapor effects. Afterburner and engine flame Effect, controlled by conditional status
  • Cockpit sound system for warning and advisor voice (FSX only).
  • Built-in exterior lights for landing, taxing, Dim-able navigation and beacon lights.
  • 60 pages of Operational Flight Manual
  • Advanced graphics /back lighting techniques. Highly accurate, custom designed avionic displays (MFD, HUD, DTU, CNI displays)
  • Custom Auto Throttle for Cruise, Approach and Takeoff Status, continually adjust by Flight Control System.
  • Custom 10-mode autopilot which mimics the actual J-10 FCS:
    • Barometric Altitude Hold (BALT).
    • Radar Altitude Hold (RALT).
    • Flight Path Angle Hold (FPAH)
    • Heading Select (HSEL).
    • Custom in-flight waypoint reprogramming via build-in GPS system.
    • Coupled Waypoint (CPL WPT).
    • Coupled Sequence (CPL SEQ).
    • Coupled TACAN (Ground-based TACAN navigation)
    • Coupled Beacon (Ground-based Beacon navigation).
    • GCI Coupled Vector for Air-Air Intercepting (GCI CMD)
    • Low Level Terrain Follow Flight (More Limitations, reference from OFM)
  • Functional Hydraulics, Failure, Electrical, Fuel, Emergency Power System (EPU), Engine Working Limitation and adjust system (ECU) and more.

Download Information

The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 145 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

Version 1.5 - Via direct download (145 MB)

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Bear Studios Support

Support for this product can be found via the Flight1 support site at

System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

Windows - Windows XP or Win7/Vista
Processor - 2.8 GHz
Video Card - 256 Mb
Memory - 2 Gb RAM
Hard Drive - 180 Mb

Windows - Windows XP or Win7/Vista
Processor - 2.8 GHz
Video Card - 256 Mb
Memory - 2 Gb RAM
Hard Drive - 280 Mb

USD - $ 29.95

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