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Soviet Piston Power for FS2004 and FSX

Note: These products are no longer supported.

Bear Studios is proud to announce the release of their new project, Lavochkin Fighters. These highly detailed aircraft will allow users to relive some early Soviet history by flying one of their last piston fighters in production. With no flyable La-11 or La-9UTI in existance today, Bear Studios allows you to fly these classic fighters in Flight Simulator 2004 and FSX

Lavochkin Fighter History

Lavochkin La-11/La-9/La-9UTI Fighters had a long combat career starting in 1950 when it shot down a USAF RB-44 reconnaissance aircraft near Libava. It's career continued to the early stages of the Cold War. Used to protect Tu-4 bombers and placed as a threat deterrant with missions to the North Pole, the Lavochkin La-9/La-11/La-9UTI became a Soviet/Chinese classic fighter and were the last Soviet piston fighters in production when the jet age had begun.

Product Features

  • Models have polygon from 58,000 to 75,000. Detailed on the aircraft interior and exterior models.
  • All movable parts animated, including landing gear, control surfaces, coolant exhaust, canopy, switches, levers, prop blade pitches (both in the visual model and on VC handles).
  • Clickable VC in FS9, moving handles, VC in CFS3/FS2002. Workable gauges both in CFS3 and FS9/FS2002/CFS2.
  • Dynamic shine effect on the models, detailed parts such as cannon tubes, landing gears, canopy frames, coolant air intake...and more.
  • 3 single seat fighters with 1 2-seat trainer.
  • Russian 1940`s gauges for war birds. (see the cockpit layout below). 1024*1024 24bit gauge texture sheet for CFS3,as the same for FS.
  • Integrated Navigation gauges for FS radio navigation, use ADF/RMI to simulator the Russian early day's navigation system. So this aircrafts have limited all weather flight capability in night and bad weather.
  • Light and gun fire effects in FS, actual weapon effect in CFS3/CFS2.
  • Damaged effect, broken parts in both CFS and FS. the aircraft can be damaged when be hit or crashing.
  • 1024*1024 detailed texture, 23 historical skins, layered skin template for create your own skins.
  • Sound pack taken from a working Ash-82F piston engine (the same engine on the La-11/La-9)
  • Better view sight in the cockpit for gun fighter. simulated gyro gun sight.
  • Flight models close to the real La-11 fighter. (For there have no flyable La-11 in this world now, we just build the flight models from the La-11 factory docs, and reference from the La-7.)

  • Download Information

    The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

    Download Notes

    There are 2 download versions. The FS2004 version and the FSX version.

    It does not really matter which exe you purchase first, as your key will work for both exe downloads. So you only need to purchase 1 to get the other.

    Via direct download

    FS2004 Edition (65MB)

    FSX Edition (35MB)

    Please note that the CFS2/CFS3/FS2002 version is no longer supported. You can still download this older CFS2/CFS3/FS2002 Edition Here (99MB). The key for this version works for the newer ones above. The keys for the new versions also work for this older edition.

    This product is by Bear Studios - A Flight1 E-Commerce Partner.

    USD - $ 19.95

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