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Cessna Centurion II 210M by Carenado

(Carenado is a Flight1.com E-Commerce Partner)

Cessna Centurion, registration N61906

Please Note: This aircraft does not work with SP2 or Acceleration add-on pack

Carenado brings you this version of the Cessna 210 Centurion for FS2004 / FSX. This is a high-performance single-engine aircraft:

  • High wing

  • Normally aspirated

  • Direct drive

  • Air cooled

  • Fuel injected

  • Six cylinder engine with 520 cu. in. displacement

  • 300 HP

  • Max power 2850 rpm

  • 3 bladed prop

  • Retractable gear

  • Real performance based on Cessna's documents and real Centurion pilot's experience.

    This model includes:

  • Interactive virtual cockpit

  • Full 2D Panel

  • Custom sounds

  • Full dynamic effects (shines over the body and panel, nightlights)

  • Dynamic shine and reflections

  • Moving parts (ailerons, elevators, rudder, flaps, rolling wheels)

  • Opening doors (passenger and cargo)

  • Full checklist, performance table and reference documentation

  • Two highly detailed passengers onboard

  • Real IFR panel

  • Real weight and balance

  • Modeled with GMAX

  • High frame rate (includes a light version for less powerful equipment)

  • Real textures

  • And many…many details.

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    Download the Centurion here! (31.7 MB)

    Carenado Support

    Support for this product can be found via the developer's website at:

    FS Version Compatibility

    Please Note: This aircraft does not work with SP2 or Acceleration add-on pack

    USD - $19.95

    Available by download for $19.95

    *Approx. Price GBP/Euro




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