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Captain Sim's Legendary C-130 Pro

After more than 3 years of development and an extensive beta test, Captain Sim is pleased to announce the official release of the most advanced PC based C-130 'Hercules' simulation. The pro package includes C-130E, C-130K, HC-130 'Hercules' models. The Pro Package comes with 10 liveries, Repaint Kit, 'ACE', Free Liveries and more.

C-130 Pro Key Features

Highly detailed Models available in many configurations

C-130E 'Hercules'
HC-130 'Hercules'
C-130K 'Hercules' (with refueling probe)

High resolution Textures

USAF (current grey)
USAF (70-s camo)
Canadian AF
Swedish AF
Italian AF
Australian AF
USAF (80-s camo)
US Coast Guard
RAF (80-s camo)
RAF (current grey)

Additional Key Features

  • High resolution 2D Panels (Captain and Co-Pilot views!)
  • High resolution full screen 2D Interior Views
  • Additional 2D systems panels
  • 3D Virtual Cockpit (with high resolution textures)
  • Cargo Cabin
  • Custom animation of the models and VC.
  • Accurate Systems Programming
  • Realistic Flight Model
  • Authentic Sound Set recorded on real C-130
  • ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) utility
  • Exclusive Effects
  • Extensive Manuals
  • Repaint Kit
  • Many Free Liveries available online
  • EICAS equipped cockpit (2D and VC)
  • 3D Cargo Cabin
  • Wing Views
  • Upgradable with expansion models

  • Addtional Features

    The flight model is developed by highly experienced (since MS FS95) flight model designer and tested by number of the C-130 pilots and instructors from all over the world.

  • Realistic Flight Model
  • Authentic Sound Set Recorded on Real C-130
  • ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) Utility
  • Exclusive Effects

  • The product features a number of exclusive visual effects to make your flying experience even more enjoyable and realistic:

    Infra-Red Launchers, Engine Starting, Engine Smoke, and Fuel Dump

    All default MSFS effects are also included:
  • Touchdown
  • Contrails
  • Concrete sparks
  • Dirt clouds
  • Fire
  • Water spray
  • Wake

  • Saved Flights

    Two saved flights are available:

    Legendary C-130 Pope AFB (Cold&Dark).FLT cold and dark cockpit, engines shut down.
    Legendary C-130 Pope AFB (Hot Cockpit).FLT all instruments are ON, engines started.

    Download Today!

    The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 88 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable.

    Download Here (Mirror 1)

    Captain Sim Product Support

    For product support, please visit the Captain Sim website at www.captainsim.com

    System Requirements


    - CPU 1.5 GHz
    - 256 Mb of RAM
    - 64 Mb video card
    - 700 Mb of free space on the MSFS hard drive
    - Windows XP
    - MS Flight Simulator 2004
    - Internet access (for installation/re-installation)

    Please note, we do not support technical issues appeared on systems that do not conform to the minimum system requirements.


    - CPU 3.0 GHz
    - 1024 Mb of RAM
    - 256 Mb video card
    - 1 Gb of free space on the MSFS hard drive
    - Windows XP
    - MS Flight Simulator 2004
    - Internet access (for installation/re-installation)

    USD - $19.95

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