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Help Keep This Aircraft Flying!

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This Douglas DC2 package for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 is brought to you by the UIVER Team.

The UIVER Team will donate all profits generated by the purchase of this package to the Aviodrome Dutch National Aviation Theme Park and Museum. The Museum has one of the last two airworthy Douglas DC2's in it collection. Your purchase will help to enable them to keep this valuable and historical aeroplane in flying condition.

Feature Summary

  • Highly detailed flight model, based on actual data and information provided by the Aviodrome DC2 Crew.
  • Highly detailed 3D virtual cockpit (VC)
  • Photoreal textures for interior and exterior, taken from the real plane in the Aviodrome
  • Captain view 2D Panel
  • Exclusive effects
  • Realistic flight model
  • Photoreal custom XML gauge set for all gauges

  • Exterior Animations

  • Elevators incl. trimtab
  • Rudder incl. trimtab
  • Ailerons incl. trimtab
  • Trailing edge flaps
  • Landing Gear (extension/retraction, wheel rotation, suspension)
  • Power cart (visible when switch to cart, left cockpit window open. Parking brakes on).
  • Parked condition: wheel chocks, remove before flight flags (animated, moving with the wind)
  • Exterior flag: you can fly it by pushing the I (smoke) key. It is animated, moving with the wind It will stay visible during taxi till 35 knots.
  • Passenger steps, visible with the passenger door open (shift-e), parking brakes applied.
  • Separately the cargo door can be opened (shift-e-2)

  • Custom 3D VC/Cabin Animations

  • Yoke
  • Pedals
  • Throttles controls
  • Prop pitch controls
  • Mixture controls
  • Trim tab controls and indicators
  • Carburator heat controls
  • All switches, buttons, knobs, selectors
  • Animated rain on windows
  • Cockpit features (activate by clicking on them):
  • Sliding side windows.
  • Turn-away arm rests on the seats.
  • Folding down jump-seat.
  • Animated opening door from the cockpit to the cabin

  • Cabin Features

    Take a seat in one of the full upholstered seats, and enjoy a comfortable flight:
  • Window curtains and ashtrays
  • Emergency exit
  • Luggage net
  • Pantry
  • Animated opening toilet door, toilet and wash basin

  • 2D Panel

  • Photoreal Captains view 2D panel Emergency exit
  • Trim sheet window, with load info an trim settings for take off
  • GPS
  • Yoke bitmap
  • Custom mini panel
  • More liveries are available as freeware for this model

  • Models Included

  • KLM PH-AJU Uiver (NC39165) from the Aviodrome Museum Lelystad
  • Swiss Airlines HB-ITI
  • C.L.S. OK-AIB

  • Additional Liveries Available via Freeware

  • TWA NC13711-(N1934D) the Museum Of Flight Seattle
  • American Airlines NC14247
  • Eastern Airlines NC14969
  • Pan American Grace Airlines NC14268
  • KLM PH-AKH Haan
  • KLM PH-ALE Edelvalk
  • ANA VH-USY Bungana
  • RAAF A30-12 VH-CRF
  • RAAF A30-8
  • R2D-1 of the US Marines

  • Douglas DC2 Download Information

    The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 42 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

    Via direct download (42 MB) (do not forget the new updates below)

    Main Server

    Note: All service packs are included in this download.

    DC-2 UIVER Support

    Support for this product can be found via the developer's website at:

    System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

    Windows XP Recommended - Flight1 highly recommends Windows XP as it is a true 32-bit operating system, and does not suffer from certain memory limitations of Windows 98 or Me.

    USD - $ 20.00

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