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Meridian 2004 Now Available

Notice: Please read our FS2004 (FS9) Limited Support Notice before purchasing this product.

Notice - This product is not compatible with Windows Vista

Meridian 2004 has been developed for Microsoft's Flight Simulator Century of Flight series. Following in the footsteps of its award winning FS2002 release, Meridian 2004 has been re-developed with additional features and major performance enhancements.

  • Significant performance improvements of the EFIS and Garmin 530 systems.
  • Active Route\Waypoints are now shown on the EHSI Arc and Map mode displays.
  • Fuel to Destination and ETE are displayed on the EDU.
  • Visible turbo exhaust.
  • Operational luggage compartment doors.
  • The Virtual Cockpit now incorporates "clickable" gauges.
  • Many enhanced textures and details are included in the virtual cockpit and exterior of the aircraft.

  • Meridian 2004 Showcase

    Flight One has provided a dedicated site to showcase Meridian 2004 in high-resolution detail. You can visit The Meridian 2004 Showcase page at:


    Meridian - A Passion For Performance

    Flight One Software is proud to announce its reproduction of the New Piper Meridian for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/2002 platform. Flight One's rendition of the Meridian represents the highest level of commitment to avionics/system management, visual accuracy and flight dynamics available. The Meridian comes with fully functioning replicas of the avionics systems together with unique and proprietary technology that accurately renders CRT/LCD displays in FS2002. (Provided by partner Reality-XP) http://www.reality-xp.com.

    An Aircraft Built By Pilots For Pilots

    The Piper PA-46-500TP Meridian is the culmination of a focused and aggressive aviation team with their eye on the future. Appropriately released at the beginning of the new millennium, Piper's flagship product demonstrates an aircraft built by pilots for pilots.

    The Meridian cradles a 500 hp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A turboprop engine with the ability to climb to a ceiling of 30,000 ft and a range of over 1,000 nautical miles, all to be experienced within the comfort of a pressurized cabin.

    The Meridian comes standard with some of the most impressive avionics available in any General Aviation application available today. The Meridian's cockpit resembles a newer generation airliner and presents a majority of flat panel glass displays for increased visibility and logical system management.

    Redundant displays are included for both pilot and copilot. With the Meggitt avionics (MAGIC) suite, Garmin GNS 530, and S-Tec system 550 autopilot, you will feel as if you are flying the space shuttle - with almost the same level of sophistication.

    Technology Raised To A New Level

    The Flight One Meridian has been developed as a true "aircraft familiarization tool" and requires the user to operate the aircraft as it is intended. By developing this level of accuracy on a PC based platform, a Meridian pilot can now become familiar with the avionics and system logic required to operate the aircraft at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods.

    Add to this the extremely high level of visual accuracy for the 3D model, flight dynamics, high resolution panel and gauge graphics within the Flight Simulator 2004 / 2002 environment. The user is not limited to a fixed or predetermined level of interaction offered by other methods of familiarization.

    Download Your Flight One Meridian Today

    Click on the link below to download this great aircraft today! Note the download below contains all previous updates and works with FS2002 and FS2004.

    Also, see the operating system limitations in the System Requirements section below. Do not download this product if you are using FS2004, and Windows 98 or Me.

    Flight 1 Meridian Download (64 MB) Mirror 1

    Flight One Meridian Support / Updates

    You can access support and updates for this product by clicking the link below.

    Flight 1 Meridian Support

    Meridian Reviews

    "Flight One make a point of striving for cockpit systems realism - to the point where they are offering the authentic PA-46-500TP information manual for sale - and a first-class model with displays to rival an airliner. Superb flight model, and the cockpit equipment is second to none." - 5 STARS - PC Pilot, Issue 22.

    "This product goes some distance beyond great, taking a state of the art aircraft in the real world and transforming it into one of the most technically advanced general aviation aircraft in Flight Simulator. With modern technologies and an artistic/realistic touch, Flight1 has created an aircraft that cannot be fully appreciated with words alone." - 5 STARS - AVSIM Online - To read the entire review, Click Here.

    "This is the best, most comprehensive, most realistic GA add-on ever released for Flight Simulator. If you only buy one add-on this year, the Meridian should be it." - Flightsim.Com - To read the entire review, Click Here.

    "With this level of realism I think that the New Piper Aircraft Company should be including this in their package when you buy the real thing. This is a very complete, well-rounded offering that is destined to be a classic. I cannot think of anything that has been overlooked or missing. It offers something for everybody from VFR cross country to IFR long distance and everything in between! Excellent work Flight 1." - Flightsims.co.uk

    System Notes (Requires Windows XP/2000 for FS2004)

    The FS2004 version of this product is designed to work in Windows XP, with the possibility it may work in Windows 2000. DO NOT PURCHASE this product if you are using Windows 98 or Windows Me and FS2004. If you have FS2002, use the compatibility test below.

    Also note that this product uses special advanced features that require special attention to how you load and save flights, start Flight Simulator, and other steps that my not be typical to using other aircraft.

    Minimum: CPU 1.0, 256MB RAM, Video Card with 32 MB 1024x768x16

    Recommended: CPU 1.4, 384MB RAM, Video Card with 64 MB 1024x768x16

    Best: CPU 1.7 and above 512MB RAM, Video Card with 128 MB 1024x768x32

    Windows 98/ME Users Compatibility Check (for FS2002 only)

    The Garmin 530 relies on an external Windows 16 bit third party application. Some users may experience instability problems with their operating system when running the GPS and Flight Simulator 2002. This will most likely affect users with Windows 98 or Windows ME systems. We recommend you test the compatibility of your system prior to purchasing the program by using our Compatibility Check Application below.

    This Compatibility Check is a locked version of the same included Garmin 530. When run, it performs the same as the Garmin that is included with the Meridian project, with some limitations. These limitations are: only the GPS ENTER and POWER keys will work. This will let you pass the initialization screens of the GPS to validate that the GPS will run on your system.

    Windows 98/ME Users Compatibility Check

    USD - $29.95

    *Approx. Price GBP/Euro



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