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Fly the F-7 Skybolt at Mach 2!

The F-7 Skybolt by Bear Studios is an advanced aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Use as a fighter, interceptor, recon, trainer, and more, this mach 2 aircraft will give you hours of excitment. Designed with great detail in GMAX. Also includes full 2D cockpit with working radar, virtual cockpit, special effects, and more.

Product Features

  • Full simulation on the Radar system. Now you can catch and trace the AI or player`s aircraft using the SSR-266 Radar.
  • Integrated western style gauges.
  • Autopilot system has real functions from the KJ-11A Autopilot system that is on the real F-7 aircraft.
  • Cockpit layout based on Chengdu Aircraft Group`s F-7M/MG Prototype aircraft
  • Realistic navigation procedures (using VOR and ILS systems)
  • Easy to read Operational Flight Manual included
  • All movable parts animated, including landing gear, control surfaces, airbrakes, canopy and afterburner nozzle, and more.
  • Five different variations of aircraft to make up the whole F-7 jet fighter family
  • Clickable virtual cockpit with active radar display screen
  • Optional AI traffic friendly models
  • Flight dynamics tested by ex-fighter pilots who fly F-7P and F-7M
  • Speeds capable of Mach 2 speed
  • Functional afterburner, with special effects
  • 6 different liveries for each variation
  • 28 aircraft with different payloads
  • Auto-controled aux-intake door and nose cone
  • Realistic aircraft performance
  • Gmax 3D-model based upon manufacturer technical documentation

  • Download the Updated 1.1 Version Today!

    Click on the link below to download! The file size is about 100 MB. When saved to your system, run the EXE and a purchase screen will appear.

    Download version 1-1 from main server (72MB)

    Bear Studios Product Support

    For support on this product, please visit the Bear Studios support forum at Simforums.com:
    Bear Studios Support Forum

    System Requirements

    This product is exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (A Century of Flight). As long as your system can run FS2004 smoothly (mid-range or higher), you should have no problem running this product.
    USD - $29.95

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