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Flight Replica's Super Cub - Complete Package

Want the full Super Cub experience, to be able to explore every facet of what still makes the Super Cub one of the most popular aircraft in the world? Then this is the package for you. The complete package contains 18 models, to let you explore a vast range of operations and flying experiences.

Product Features

Super Cub - Standard Variants, including Early and Military

Experience the versatility and wide range of environments in which even the most basic versions of this exceptional aircraft can operate, and which helped make it famous. Agile, tough, dependable and able to carry a heavy load into small airfields, a favorite of both sport and professional pilots around the world.

1. Early - 95 hp
2. Standard - 150 hp
3. Standard with Carbon-fibre Wheel-Skis - 150 hp
4. Standard with Amphibious Floats - 160 hp
5. L-18 Military - 95 hp
6. L-21 Military (two versions) - 150 hp

Super Cub - Deluxe IFR Amphibious

The package contains a single model, in two paint schemes, of perhaps the most expensive and well equipped Super Cub variant available today. Cubs at this level, in real life, are in the $300,000+ (US) range (and that's without top-of-the-line instrumentation and avionics).
This model features, along with the standard features of the overall Super Cub packages, a fully customizable avionics bay. You are able to install any high-end third-party avionics equipment you may own.

Coupled with a 180 hp engine, larger fuel tanks, fuel/baggage pod, amphibious floats and a full suite of instruments, you'll be equipped to go anywhere, anytime.

7. IFR equipped on Amphibious Floats w. square instrument panel - 180 hp

Super Cub - Classic Bushplanes

Ready to earn a living flying back-country bush planes? Can you find your way through valleys and across stretches of water in marginal visibility and freezing temperatures when your clients are counting on you? Then these aircraft are for you.

Or are you are just into exploring and discovering the wilder areas of the planet, in a reliable and agile aircraft that can carry a load and you can depend on? Again, these aircraft are for you.

Ideal for VA's, as well. The Manual contains special instructions for STOL-type flying.

(Note: N8050C is a full replication of an existing aircraft, inside and out, made with the assistance of the owner)

8. Classic Bush Plane on 32" wheels
9. Classic Bush Plane on Edo 2000-type Floats
10. Classic Bush Plane on Federal-type Skis

11. N8050C on 26" wheels - 150 hp
12. N8050C on Edo 2000 floats - 150 hp
13. N8050C on Federal skis - 150 hp

Super Cub - Extreme Bushplanes

Think you're ready to tackle the smallest places that will take a Super Cub? Think you have the extreme skills for landing on mountain tops and tiny gravel bars? And get back out again? Then these aircraft are for you.

14. Bush Plane on 35" wheels - 150 hp
15. Bush Plane on 32" wheels w. square instrument panel - 180 hp

16. Extreme Bush Plane on 35" wheels w. thrust line mod - 180 hp
17. Extreme Bush Plane (L-21) on 35" wheels w. square inst. panel - 180 hp
18. Extreme Bush Plane (Experimental) on 36" wheels w. squared wings, droop aileron system, square instrument panel - 210 hp

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