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FSiPanel for FSX, Steam Edition, and P3D V2, V3

Awarded PC PILOT's Platinum Award - January 2015 Issue

Now Compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V3.x

FSiPanel is new software for Flight Simulator enthusiasts.

It allows you to train like professional pilots do.

As an airline pilot with 15 years of experience and a huge fan of Flight Simulator, I wanted to develop a tool to provide proper training on highly sophisticated aircraft, I found frustrating that after landing and in order to fly another approach, the whole airplane had to be repositioned on GND, FMS programmed etc... it uses to take another 15 min to fly another approach, with FSiPanel, it only takes a few seconds.

It consists of an instructor panel with a weather engine allowing the pilots to train any kind of IFR approach in any airport within FSX/P3D.

FSiPanel prepare the airplane for you in the following way:

  • Position the aircraft in FINAL, DOWNWIND, BASE, VECTORS or T/O POS
  • Spool up the engines
  • Trim the aircraft
  • Does the NAV setting for the approach.

  • When everything is ready, the pilots get the info and can take over control to fly the approach. It can be used on a single station or as a client / server to allow a fully loaded experience.

    FSiPanel Supported Aircraft

    FSiPanel is designed to help you train your high end aircraft the same way as we train in the airline environment. FSiPanel will support the major high end aircraft and more aircraft will be added based on users request If your aircraft is not yet supported, please vote for it in the support forum at http://www.fsipanel.com.

    NEW! PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II FSX and P3D


  • iFly 747-400 for P3D
  • iFly 747-400
  • iFly 737NG (All Variants)

  • PMDG

  • PMDG 737 for FSX:SE
  • PMDG 737 for P3D
  • PMDG MD-11
  • Boeing 737NG (All Variants)
  • Boeing 747 / 747F
  • Boeing 777-200LR / 777F
  • Jetstream 4100 for FSX


  • Boeing 767

  • Aerosoft

  • Airbus X (WARNING - FSUIPC Registered Required)

  • Majestic

  • Dash8-Q400 (WARNING - FSUIPC Registered Required)

  • A2A Simulations

  • Accu-Sim Cessna 182
  • Accu-Sim Cessna 172 Trainer
  • Accu-Sim Piper Cherokee

  • Real Air Simulations

  • Turbine Duke V2 FSX and P3D

  • Feature Compatibility

    Aircraft Positions

  • NEW! STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route) using Navigraph or Navdata Pro database
  • Takeoff, on runway threshold, all set for departure
  • Final Positions, aircraft will be on X miles final, Nav Setting done, aircraft trimmed and ready to fly the apporach.
  • Downwind, aircraft on lefthand or righthand downwind in a clean configuration.
  • Base, aircraft on a left or right base in an appropriate configuration.
  • Vectors, aircraft will be on a 30 intercept heading for the ILS approach at the correct altitude, all set for you.
  • Airwork at 10'000, 20'000 and 30'000 feet, you can use these to train Emergency descent or engine failure at high altitude with driftdown required.
  • Traffic pattern, aircraft ready for takeoff for a quick pattern.

  • Weather Engine

  • NEW! Use ActiveSky Next weather for your training (must be purchased seperately)
  • Quickset for IFR training CAVOK, CAT1, CAT2, CAT3 and NOVIS.
  • Ability to change any of the parameters (Wind, temp, ceiling, visibility, etc)
  • Download actual weather for the selected airport (Last 7 hours metars will be displayed for you to select)
  • Download historical weather for the airport, choose a date and all the metars of your day will be shown for you to select.
  • Quickset for Heading, Tailwind and left or right crosswind.

  • Other Features

  • Landing training, after landing, set your parking brake and FSiPanel will send you back for another approach.
  • Crosswind challenge, start with your desired crosswind component and provided you land on the touchdown zone and on the centerline, FSiPanel will send you back for another approach increasing the wind.
  • FSiPanel can be use on a single PC or as a client/server to allow a fully loaded flight or training with a real instructor operating the panel

  • Product Video Showcase

    Froogle FSiPanel Review

    NEW Feature - STAR Approaches

    For additional videos, please go to FSiPanel YouTube Channel here:

    Download Information

    The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 10.0 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

    Version - Via direct download (10.0 MB)

    IMPORTANT! This version is for FSX and P3D v2 and v3 and is NOT for Prepar3d v4. For the Prepar3D v4 version go here.

    Download Today!

    FSiPanel Product Support

    For product support on FSiPanel, please visit their support forum at www.simforums.com:
    FSiPanel Support Forum

    System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

    Windows - Windows 7, Vista or XP
    Processor - 2.8 GHz
    Memory - 1 Gb RAM
    Hard Drive - 2.7Gb
    Video Card - 256 Mb
    FSUIPC version 4.4928 or above (Registered Version Required for Aerosoft Airbus and Majestic Q400)

    Software License gives access to both simulators (FSX & P3D) on the same computer with only 1 installation of FSiPanel

    FSX Limitations

    As you probably know, FSX is an old 32bit software and it has unfortunately some limitations, for example when you load several time a new flight, FSX will use more and more memory ressources until it finally crashes :-(

    FSiPanel is monitoring FSX memory usage during your training session and if it comes close to the limit, FSiPanel will close FSX, clearing the memory and reload it with your next approach, this procedure will not affect the training scenario except for the time required to be ready to fly as it depends on FSX startup time. This feature can be enable in the setup menu, you can as well decide to reload FSX for every single flight if time is not a factor for you.

    USD - $44.95

    *Approx. Price GBP/Euro



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