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Golden Age Simulations WACO Model 10 Collection.

This product is provided by Golden Age Simulations, a Flight1 E-Commerce partner.

Golden Age Simulations is proud to present to the flight simulator community our Classic WACO Collection.

This offering is modeled around the venerable WACO Model 10. With over 11,000 aircraft manufactured, the Model 10 put WACO on the map of the Golden Age. It made WACO a household name that has endured throughout the ages. Our package includes four aircraft and is essentially a journey through the evolution of the '10.

Start by stepping into the OXX 6 powered Model 10. Water cooled, the radiator hangs above the pilot and passenger. Better keep your cool! Many passengers and pilots came home wet when the radiator boiled over.

Next in the package is the, little known, Milwaukee Parts Company (Tank Brothers) conversion, essentially an air cooled version of the Model 10. This version of the three seat Waco Ten was the standard airplane modified by replacing the less than perfect Curtiss OX-5/OXX-6 series engine with the air cooled version of the OX-5 produced by the Milwaukee Parts Company. It was designated the GXE.

The ASO brings you through the thirties and to the modern age. Known variously as the Waco Sport Ten, the Ten W, the Waco 220, and eventually the ASO, this model appeared in June, 1927 when the Advance Aircraft Company mated their basic Waco Ten airframe with the fabulous 220 hp Wright J5 engine. The increase in power resulted in spectacular performance, and over 90 examples were built before it was succeeded by the later CSO, which was basically the same airframe with the new 225 hp Wright J6-7.

Your journey continues with the CTO-R, the Model 10 for this century. Fully equipped and sporting the Jacobs R-755 engine. This is the ultimate sportsman's craft. She's slick and fast and a joy for any pilot who is willing to take her to the edge.

Download Information

Important Note: At certain autogen settings and in certain views, there is autogen interference with prop textures. This is a known issue with all FSX compatible (non-native) models. This model is not compatible with DirectX 10 and designed to be flow exclusively from the VC cockpit.

This download contains both the FS9 and FSX version. Run the EXE after download and the purchase screen will appear.

Download Here! (35 MB)

System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

Windows - Windows 7, Vista or XP
Processor - 2.8 GHz
Memory - 1 Gb RAM
Hard Drive - 2.7Gb
Video Card - 256 Mb

Windows - XP
Processor - 500 MHz
Memory - 512 MB RAM

USD - $19.95

*Approx. Price GBP/Euro



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