Important: All products sold in the Flight1 Wrapper are no longer supported by Flight1. For reinstallation, the Key file method to reinstall is not supported. You must use the account method to reinstall.

GEX Europe v2.60 - Part of the GEX WORLD SYSTEM

Flight One Software is proud to present Ground Environment X Europe for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition.

Ground Environment X Europe represents our new approach in texture design, incorporating high level detail graphics in the default Flight Simulator X 1-meter texture resolution format. This delivers a hi-fidelity image without using excessive disk space or processor power. Our design allows a simulation pilot to enjoy clearly defined visuals from nearly ground level up to higher altitudes.

Ground Environment X brings all-new ground textures to FSX, and it boasts an incredible 1 m/pixel texture resolution, using native 1024x1024 pixel images, and includes all seasons, meticulously designed night textures and the latest techniques in autogen placement and alignment. All this while keeping maximum Flight Simulator performance in mind during development.

The easy-to-use interface will provide for easy installing the new textures, and is designed with Flight1's "keep-it-simple yet powerful" philosophy.

Flying over Europe will now come to life with brighter colors, unique autogen, and so much more.


  • Automated detection of GEX regions as they are added as well as UTX regional products.
  • Automated one click/browse move of backup directory with free space verification.
  • Refined update system which checks for updates of all products at once.
  • Automated install order of GEX regions as they are added or removed.
  • Single interface readout and control for all GEX region products.
  • NO INSTALL orders or specific install directories to deal with.
  • Install different GEX regions to any location on your system.
  • Direct product links from the interface to add new regions.
  • Real time region status interface readout.
  • Universal user manual for all products.


    Product Features

    "GEX WORLD" single interface control for all GEX regions:

  • Complete coverage of Europe from the Arctic Circle through Southern Greece.
  • Enhanced textures to assist in rendering clear visuals as low as 250-500 ft.
  • High volume autogen layout with optimizations for maximum performance.
  • Update system checks for updates of all installed GEX products at once.
  • Upgrade patches provided for UTX USA/Canada and UT Alaska users.
  • Automated install order of GEX regions as they are added and removed.
  • Syncronizes all GEX regions. No texture switching between regions.
  • Full texture support for SceneryTech and Xclass landclass products.
  • 1m/pixel - 1024x1024 Textures - No excessive resolution to render.
  • Automate file backup system with merged region backup storage.
  • Comprehensive upgrade patches provided for UTX Europe users.
  • Single interface readout and control for all GEX region products.
  • Textures derived from licensed Aerial and Satellite imagery.
  • 2D enhancements produce 3D depth in textures.
  • Direct product links from the interface to add new regions.
  • FSX tree render issue addressed in autogen annotation.
  • Automated one click/browse move of backup directory.
  • Includes all seasons and night lighting environment.
  • Realistic custom designed night lighting textures.
  • Real time region status interface readout.
  • Improved default FSX road night lighting.
  • Universal user manual for all products.
  • Highly detailed aerial views.
  • Natural seasonal blending.

  • Download Information

    Important: To get the full benefits from this product, you should be able to run FSX with your Meters per Pixel slider set between 1 Meter and 60 CM, and autogen set to Dense. You will still be able to enjoy Ground Environment X at lower settings however, but to get the same effects as seen in the preview pictures, the above is required.

    The downloads are very large (about 2.06GB total). Download the 2 files (.exe and .000) and place them in the same folder. You may want to use a download manager as these files are large. Again, it is very important the .EXE and .000 files below are downloaded to the same folder. After you download, run the EXE part and the purchase screen will appear.

    To download GEX Europe:

    Download BOTH LINKS listed below and place both files in a folder together. Once downloaded run the EXE file.

    Windows security and Antivirus or Malware scanners are known to flag EXE files as dangerous. Please DISABLE security programs when downloading these files!

    These files are very large and we suggest the use of a download manager -or- use the Flight1 Downloader tool option below.

    Primary Server: 1.99GB 108MB


    This patch is ONLY for the following older GEX product versions:

    GEX NORTH AMERICA v1.096 through v1.099
    GEX EUROPE v2.30

    The latest full GEX region installers already contain full FSX Steam Edition support. The regions listed above do not.

    If you are a GEX customer and you have removed the Microsoft version of Flight Simulator X from your computer but now wish to use a older GEX region product with the FSX Steam Edition version, download and run this patch then follow the directions to launch your GEX interface, enable your GEX regions in FSX Steam Edition and then 'check for updates'. This patch will enable the region versions listed above to fully function in FSX Steam Edition without a Microsoft FSX 'box' version installed and allow you to update your regions to the latest version of GEX.


    Download the patch, run the patch, follow the directions.

    System Requirements

    Microsoft Flight Simulator X
    Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    5 GB Hard Disk Space

    USD - $ 29.95

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