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iFly 737NG Cockpit Sound Immersion

This soundpack requires iFly 737 NG and is fully compatible with FS 2004, FSX and P3D!

Immersive Audio proudly presents the iFly Cockpit Sound Immersion, the high-definition soundpack developed exclusively for iFly Jets: The 737NG add-on.

All sounds are recorded in the real 737 cockpit, carefully processed and extensively tested to provide the highest possible sound quality, realism, authenticity and immersion.

All sounds are true STEREO.

Soundpack includes:

  • Switches, guards, buttons and levers
  • Authentic electrics and packs
  • Complete GPWS
  • Complete TCAS
  • Warnings (AP disconnected, takeoff config, overspeed, stall, firebell, etc)
  • Trim wheel
  • Nose gear drag noise
  • Other various sounds (external APU, passenger signs bell, V1, speed brake lever deploy, etc)

The soundpack is compatible with all iFly 737NG models (600/700/ER/800/900/ER/BBJ).

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NOTE: Promotional video sound quality may be reduced due to video compression.

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