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Instant Object Studio for FSX / FS2004

Note: This product is a legacy product and no longer supported.

Instant Object Studio is an easy to use and powerful 3D object editor for Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004.

Instant Object Studio runs as a Flight Simulator module and lets you design new scenery objects directly in the Flight Simulator 3D view. You can create several predefined types of 3D shapes and then edit and arrange them to make a scenery object. You can move, rotate and stretch individual parts of your model, bend them, apply different textures, create holes and indentations and apply other transformations to make even the most complex objects.

You can use existing Flight Simulator textures, or create generic textures from several templates included with the program. Instant Object Studio can also import textures from photographs and other images and includes tools for making tiled textures and removing perspective distortions.

You edit objects directly inside Flight Simulator. No trial and error needed. You see the object exactly in the same way as it will later appear in the scenery. This lets you easily design objects that perfectly match the scenery already in place. And after you save the object to a scenery file, it immediately reappears in the scenery without having to restart Flight Simulator.

Instant Object Studio does not need a complicated installation and is ready to use out of the box. You do not have to download and install the Flight Simulator SDK, or any other tools or converters.

Demo Video

Free Demo Version

Not a user of Instant Object Studio yet? Download the free demo and try it out! The free demo offers the full functionality, but you will not be able to save the objects you make.

Click Here for the Free Demo Version (15 MB)

Product Features

Runs directly inside Flight Simulator. During editing, displays the model exactly like it will look in the scenery. The FSX version has an optional FSX display mode that also displays FSX-specific textures (e.g. bump map and reflection) and material properties. And when you save an object, it immediately appears in the scenery without having to restart FS (exception: special effects you attach to your objects will not appear until you restart FS).

Ready to run out of the box. No need to download and install the SDK, any converter programs or perform a complicated setup. Install the product in less than one minute, launch Flight Simulator and start Instant Object Studio from the Flight Simulator menu. The next minute you will be making your first 3D object!

Easy to learn and use. You see the results of every editing operation directly inside Flight Simulator. No trial and error needed, and no need to reload the scenery after every change you make to the model.

Creates basic shapes: Boxes, Roofs, Cylinders, Cones, Domes, Spheres. You can create them on the ground or on existing parts of the model. You can specify the size using the mouse, or enter exact dimensions. Metric and imperial units can be selected in options.

Includes tools for easily making fences and 3D polygon shapes. Just click on the ground where you want to place the fence. Supports both solid and zero-width (e.g. chain link) fences. Can use any texture for fences.

Allows creating straight and curved rods connecting parts of the model. This lets you quickly add items like suspension bridge cables by simply connecting points using the mouse.

Individual parts of the model can be moved, rotated, scaled and bent using the mouse. When a precise movement is needed, you can also enter numeric values for the distance and direction. You can select multiple parts to move them at once.

Individual vertices can be moved to change the shape of the part they belong to. You can move polygons, single edges and individual vertices.

Allows creating indentations in existing parts. Indentations can have the shape of boxes, roofs, cylinders, cones and domes. You can also make holes by creating indentations that are deep enough.

Supports Boolean operations: Subtract parts and merge parts (common shell). You can use Boolean operations to create hollow areas that are too complex to be made using indentations, or to merge several parts into one.

Allows assigning textures to individual polygons, curved surfaces or whole parts of the model.
Textures can be moved, stretched and rotated. The texture mapping can also be adjusted at individual vertices. You can specify the default texture mapping for each material (fixed scale, stretched to fill the whole part you create, or stretched while keeping the aspect ratio). Supports textures with or without alpha transparency. Allows assigning night textures.

Allows creating rectangular texture overlays on already textured polygons for placing windows, doors, banners etc.

Allows attaching special effects to your model. In FSX, you immediately any see special effects you attached if you enable the FSX display mode. Otherwise, text labels will mark their position, and they will appear after you restart FS.

Allows you to see and adjust crash detection boxes generated for your model. You can enable and disable the crash detection, select the detail level and add margins e.g. to exclude parts of your model from the crash detection.

You can add guidelines to help you align parts of the object, texture overlays and indentations. You can create guidelines at a specific distance from each other to space elements of your model equally.

Supports copy/paste of individual parts. You can also select several parts and copy them to the clipboard at once. Individual parts can be temporarily hidden from view, or combined in groups to move them together.

Generates and imports textures. In addition to using existing textures, Instant Object Studio can generate several types of generic textures with or without windows. You can also import textures from photographs and other images. Includes functions for removing the perspective effect and for making tiled textures without visible seams between individual tiles.

You can edit the object on the ground at the exact location where it will be placed in the scenery, or raised above ground to avoid cluttering from other nearby 3D objects.

Objects can be saved in the FS9 or the FSX format. When using the FSX format, you can change all FSX-specific textures and material properties.

Creates scenery files with the model already placed at specific coordinates, as well as model libraries for placement using Instant Scenery and other tools. Several models can be saved into the same BGL file.

Click to open: To open an object you created and placed with Instant Object Studio, you can just click on it with the mouse. No need to remember which BGL files contain which objects!

Fully compatible with Instant Scenery (version 2.03 and above). Models you create with Instant Object Studio immediately become available in Instant Scenery without having to restart FS.

Download Information

The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 16 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

Version 1.02 - Via direct download (16 MB)

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Instant Object Studio Product Support

Support for this product can be found at the Scenery and Mission Maker forum at: product support site:

System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Flight Simulator 2004.
At least 1GB RAM required.
Windows 7, Vista or XP required.
A mouse with a mouse wheel required.

USD - $ 29.95

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