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Create FSX Missions Instantly

Note: This product is a legacy product and no longer supported.

Instant Mission Maker is an easy to use tool for making Flight Simulator X missions. It allows designing a wide range of missions using a very intuitive GUI and offers live preview and editing of many mission objects directly in FSX. And if you would rather be flying, the built-in random mission wizard can instantly generate random missions sending you on various assignments in all corners of the world.

To use Instant Mission Maker, you don't have to know anything about making missions. No need to write XML, copy files around or deal with cryptic names and numbers. You just build the mission step by step and describe what should happen, like writing a movie script. Instant Mission Maker offers a wide selection of easy to use building blocks for the mission. You can add voice prompts, require the user to perform certain actions in order to proceed with the mission, create and control AI aircraft, ground vehicles, static and mobile scenery objects, trigger equipment failures and add many other elements. Instant Mission Maker does not require the mission SDK and can be used with both FSX standard and deluxe editions.

The FSX mission system allows creating a wide range of interactive experiences. You can make classic missions requiring the user to perform various tasks, or you can just use it to add interactive elements to your airport, like a follow me vehicle that waits for you, or a couple of AI aircraft performing touch and goes. The easiest way to do all this is by using Instant Mission Maker.

The random mission wizard allows instantly generating random missions with various assignments like air taxi, sightseeing, formation, cargo drop flights. You can open the generated mission for further editing, or immediately save it and launch in FSX in order not to spoil the experience.

Flying random missions is a great way to see new places and experience new airports in FSX while performing meaningful tasks.

Product Features

No knowledge of the mission SDK required: You can start making missions within minutes after installing Instant Mission Maker. Simply choose various building blocks like voice prompts or adding AI objects and insert them into the mission, like making a movie script. When you save the mission, Instant Mission Maker will automatically translate it into the format understood by FSX and generate all necessary files.

Excellent Flight Simulator integration: The FS Preview/Edit mode allows you to see many mission objects directly in FSX and adjust their location by dragging them with the mouse. This includes AI and scenery objects, waypoints and area definitions. In addition to the preview, you can use the current plane position to assign coordinates.

Easy to use building blocks: To build missions, you put together various mission steps, like voice prompts, required user actions, actions to create and control AI objects, menu prompts etc. For user actions, you can add reminder prompts or have the user fail the mission if the action hasn't been completed within a certain amount of time.

Random mission wizard: Allows you to instantly create a mission sending you on random assignments. You can either select the starting airport yourself, or have the wizard decide in which part of the globe your next assignment will be.

Synthesized and recorded speech: All voice prompts can either be generated using the Windows speech engine, or you can record them yourself.

Unlimited Undo/Redo: All editing steps can be reversed by just clicking on the corresponding toolbar button.

Share your missions: The missions you make are in the standard FSX mission format and can easily be shared with other FSX users. Instant Mission Maker is not required to play the missions.

Works both with FSX Standard and Deluxe Editions.

Download Information

This product is packaged in the E-commerce wrapper and may be downloaded for immediate use. After you download the file, when you run the executable, the purchase screen will appear.

Download the Instant Mission Maker Today! (9 MB)

Instant Mission Maker Product Support

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FS Version Compatibility

Windows XP or Vista
FSX Standard or Deluxe edition

* Direct editing in FSX is only available in FSX SP2 and Acceleration Pack.

USD - $ 29.95

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