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In the Single-Seat Fighter Class, the Mustang Reigns Supreme!

"Like the Indian braves of the old southwest whose favourite in battle was the small speedy Mustang, young fighter pilots today, with their newly won wings, almost without exception want to the fly the namesake of that sleek and powerful warhorse. And no wonder. For the P51 is truly a pilot's airplane. It ranks with any fighter in the world." - P-51D Pilot Training Manual, 1945.

Specifically developed from the ground up for Flight Simulator X, Aeroplane Heaven has made no compromises with the modeling of this wonderful warbird, which represents the actual aircraft 'factory-fresh' as in 1945.

Real-life pilots have been involved from the start of the development to ensure accuracy inside and out. WWII-era flight manuals have been followed to ensure that everything works as it should, from start-up to shut down.

Once in the air the help of restorer and experienced P51D owner-pilot Maurice Hammond has ensured this P51 flies just as good as she looks. Choose to fly Maurice's own aircraft - 'Marinell' and 'Janie' - and you'll even get to see Maurice in his distinctive helmet at the controls. Don't forget to give him a wave when he taxis past!

There are multiple high fidelity paint schemes including: Marinell, Janie, Big Beautiful Doll, Old Crow, Jersey Jerk,Ferocious Frankie, RNZAF, Cripes 'a' Mighty, LouIV and more.

And if your favourite Mustang isn't included then the pro-standard paint-kit included for creating your own schemes will let you create your own (and no doubt ensure a plentiful supply to download soon).

Whatever paint scheme you choose to fly, all models carry bump-mapping, specular shine and light-bloom effects.

Product Features


  • Fully selectable weapons and tank load-outs, controlled in-sim via special load-out panel in cockpit.
  • Functional emergency canopy release in the Virtual Cockpit, which jettisons the canopy in both interior and exterior views.
  • Hydraulic 'bleed-down' for undercarriage doors, controlled from cockpit pressure lever.
  • Removable engine cover reveals detailed authentic Packard Merlin engine with glycol tanks and other details.
  • Removable wing hatches reveal accurately detailed 50 cal machine guns, ammunition belts and loading chutes.
  • Fully animated pilot with choice of military or civilian 'owner-pilot' (Maurice Hammond) model. (Pilot leaves aircraft when hatches are open to enable inspection of detailed cockpit).
  • Correctly animated landing gear and oleo suspension, landing light flaps, trim flaps and more.


  • Practically switch, button and knob animates in the VC with all functioning as the real thing (within the limitations of FSX).
  • Selectable wingspan and range controls on gun sight. Switchable reticule light and animated drop down bulb holder.
  • Removable control stick and throttle quadrant to aid instrument reading and switch functionality.
  • Functioning emergency canopy release lever.
  • Cold, dark cockpit start possible with all instrument readings to the correct numbers.
  • Accurate starting procedure including correct priming, oiler and boost sequence.
  • War Emergency Power setting on throttle with correct 'wire-gate'.
  • Fully animated gauges including accurate engine management and 'tankage'.
  • All trimming levers and knobs animated and functional.
  • Specially designed camera views give a pilot's eye view 'over the nose', just as you would if sitting in the real aircraft!


  • Full hi-fidelity sound-set even includes the characteristic gun-port 'whistle' on fly past.
  • Effects package includes startup exhaust, recognition lights, custom animations from the pilots and more.
  • Fantastic documentation with original performance charts
  • Exclusive 16 full colour page feature on 'Marinell' with history and the incredible story of her restoration by Maurice Hammond.


    Following feedback and requests from customers, we're pleased to offer v1.2 of the P51-D Mustang which incorporates the following improvements:

  • Greatly improved textures across all models with significantly improved blending and reflective properties.
  • Inclusion of additional NEW paint scheme, with LOUIV now with 'RAF Green' paint to reflect war time paint scheme. The classic blue as on current restored aircraft of LOUIV is still available.
  • Magneto now fixed so not possible to fly with mags switched to off, no matter whether manual or automatic start.
  • The default FSX radio panel can be switched on/off using the VHF Radio unit on/off switch in the aircraft.

  • We hope you enjoy flying the new and improved P-51D Mustang!

    Note: If you previously purchased the earlier version, you should uninstall your current version, then download this new version. Use the Reinstall option to install.

    Purchase and Download Information

    The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 136 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. This is version 1.2 of the product.

    Click here to download the P-51D Mustang! (136MB)

    P-51D Mustang Video

    The Beautiful Flight1 P51-D Mustang is PC Pilot's Cover Girl!

    We're honoured that PC Pilot Magazine has made the P-51D it's 'cover girl' for its March/April 2010 edition, featuring 'Big Beautiful Doll'. The issue carries a detailed review of the product, concluding with a massive 90% rating and a coveted 'Classic Product' award.

    The publishers of PC Pilot have kindly allowed us to let you see the full review - click on the links below to open up the PDF files and see what they say for yourself...

    PC Pilot Cover

    PC Pilot Review

    PC Pilot is published bi-monthly and available worldwide through newsagents and magazine stores or direct from

    FS Version Compatibility / System Requirments

    Windows - Windows XP or Vista
    Processor - 2.8 GHz
    Memory - 2 Gb RAM
    Hard Drive - 433MB
    Video Card - 256MB

    USD - $ 34.95

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