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High Definition Textures for Flight1 / Coolsky's Super 80 Pro

After the normal definition textures we did for the Super 80 Pro last year (and the Classic as a free update) Ultra High Definition Textures are the next logical step for Coolsky, Flight1 and McPhat Studios. With hardware (finally) catching up with FSX, and a growth in numbers of users that use 20+ inch screens and high end graphic cards it was just a matter of time that we set the bar yet again higher for ourselves here at McPhat Studios. People want more, we give them more...

With UHDT for the Coolsky Super 80 Pro (and in a later stage, the Classic) we deliver ultra sharp textures that sport an unseen level of detail, when viewed from closer distances, but that also look better than normal definition textures from a normal or far away viewing distance. Scratches will be scratches, rather than grooves. Chipped of paint will look like chipped of paint, rather than large chunks of paints missing, decals will be fully readable, instead of a blurry mess and rivets will be rivets, rather than big bolts the size of an apple.

Side kicked by UHDT specular and normal mapping, we will take the 'dynamica' of FSX' per pixel lighting techniques to a new height. Rivets that only show when you need them to show, dents in the lower baggage compartment when viewed at a certain angle, body work and spars that 'pierce' through the fuselage with the right amount of light and dynamic reflections will make your Super 80 Pro a true joy to look at. Even for all you flight deck simmers....

Four times as detailed as the stock Super 80 Pro textures, twice as detailed as the Captain Sim 757, and even 8 (!!) times as detailed as PMDG's MD-11.

All this, without a single drop in frames.

Livery List

  • Aeromexico (Bare metal) - XA-AMS

  • Austral (Aeromexico Hybrid) - LV-BTW

  • Alitalia (New colours) - I-DATQ

  • Continental - N18541

  • China Southern - B-2134

  • Delta Airlines (Deltaflot) - N926DL

  • FAT (Transasia Telecommunications) - B-28011

  • Spirit - N821NK

  • Scandinavian (Star Alliance) - OY-KHE

  • Spanair (Star Alliance) - EC-GQG

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    Download Information

    Important Note: This is an add-on expansion to the Ultimate Airliners - Super 80 Professional product that is available from this location.

    The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 311MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

    Make sure after you purchase you point the installer to your main FSX folder.

    Version 1.0 - Via direct download

    Download here! (311MB)

    McPhat Studios Home Page

    For more screenshots, downloads, and more information on this and other McPhat Studios products, click on the link below...

    McPhat Studios Super 80 Home Page

    System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

    Flight1/Coolsky Super 80 PRO (will not work with the Classic!)
    Windows - Windows XP or Vista
    Processor - 2.6 GHz
    Memory - 1 Gb Min., 2 Gb RAM Recommended
    Video Card - 256 Mb
    Free space - 980 Mb

    USD - $ 19.90

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