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Concorde SSTSIM - Advanced Simulator for FS2004!

Built on a foundation spanning years of dedication and research, Concorde SSTSIM is the enthusiast's answer to a truly unique Concorde experience for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. More than just a flight simulator add-on, the package comprises a complete suite of programs to enable the user to experience all aspects of flying a Concorde; from flight planning, load analysis, engineering responsibilities, pre-flight check lists and a comprehensive tutorial on how to fly a supersonic jet-liner.

Extensive Features!

Aircraft Visual Model:

Accurately modelled down to the smallest detail complete with high-resolution textures (32B/DXT). All three Concorde variants have been modelled; Prototype, Pre-Production and Production aircraft - available in a choice of three detailed options. Each model features hundreds of moving parts many of which are controlled by the aircrafts systems to mimic their real-world counterparts featuring all cargo/exit doors, landing light extension/retraction, engine secondary nozzles, spill doors, auxiliary vanes and ramps.

Virtual Cockpit/Cabin:

Includes a highly detailed virtual cockpit, recreating the feel of being inside the real Concorde. The Concorde virtual cabin has been accurately modelled to depict the correct aircraft/livery layout and features working passenger displays unique to Concorde.

Spectacular effects bring the aircraft to life; including wing condensation effects that only work in the correct atmospheric conditions, a complex reheat visual system and runway spray effects in wet weather.

Aircraft Flight Model:

With help from a whole range of Concorde Pilots, Test Pilots and Flight Performance Managers, our Concorde Flight Model operates within a narrow margin of the performance characteristics of the original aircraft. Utilizing all available fuel tanks in Flight Simulator, Concorde's 13 fuel tanks realistically recreate the unique requirements to keep the aircraft trimmed in all flight regimes. Predefined loads are available for selection, calculated using complex worksheets to ensure that the aircraft Mass and Balance is suitable for supersonic flight.

Aircraft Systems:

Advanced functionality, programmed using engineering schematics with input from a whole range of Technical Advisors, this promises to be one of the most advanced analogue cockpits for Flight Simulator. Learn the importance of managing fuel, flying at the correct attitudes and speeds, and most of all - checklists! With over 200 switches, push-buttons, and dials, you'll find this aircraft both challenging and incredibly rewarding to fly.

Both Air France and British Airways cockpits feature instruments and voice callouts specific to each aircraft. The custom built Automatic Flight Control System features 17 autopilot modes plus a custom designed Autothrottle. The complete Concorde fuel transfer and jettison system is modelled featuring nearly 100 possible transfer routines. The fuel system is also equipped with a virtual fuel engineer to manage the fuel for inexperienced users. Other features modelled include Air Data System, Master Warning System incorporating a total of 37 Class 1 & Class 2 warnings, realistic engine readouts in all flight regimes and a complete integration of the CIVA Inertial Navigation System.

Additional Features:

Four utilities are provided, including a Concorde Load Manager, Concorde Takeoff Calculator, Concorde Fleet Manager, and Concorde Texture Installer. The planning tools, which are modelled on those used by British Airways and Air France enable users to experience the traditional routes flown by the Concorde, which are available to choose from 26 replica British Airways and Air France communication flight plans. A new custom Concorde sound set provides a superb representation of what a Concorde really sounds like!

Download Information!

The file download size is 291MB, and there are 2 versions to choose from (New Purchase or the Discount Version if you have the earlier Koch Media Altitude product). After you download the product, execute the EXE and the purchase screen will appear. Make sure no other applications are running during the purchase and setup process. On some systems with special hardware, DEP (Data Execution Protection) may have to be disabled for the EXE to run.

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FS Compatibility / System Requirements

This product is only compatible with FS2004, so of course, FS2004 is required. Although this product should run fine on any system capable of running Flight Simulator 2004, we recommend you have a 1.6 GHz machine, with a 128 Mb memory video card. System memory should be a minimum of 512. 2.6 GB of Hard Drive space is required for installation.

USD - $ 39.95

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