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SU 27 "Flanker B" for FSX

Flight One Software, in partnership with ALS-SIM, is proud to bring you Russia's primary air superiority heavy fighter of the modern era to Flight Simulator X.

Design and Development

The Sukhoi Su-27 (NATO code-name "Flanker") was a joint project of the OKB-51 design bureau led by Pavel Osipovich Sukhoi and the OKB-165 engine design bureau led by Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyul'ka (OKB = opytno-konstrooktor-skoyebyuro) and the State Research Institute of Aircraft Systems amongst many other research, engineering and industrial organisations combining the latest know-how gained by the Soviet aerospace industry.

After the USSR had learned of the American dedicated heavy fighter program via intelligence sources and the appearance of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat - Sukhoi set about designing a suitable answer. In the summer of 1985 initial operational capability was achieved the type was code-named "Flanker - B" by NATO.

Export customers include: Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Angola, China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Venezuela and Vietnam. Reports also state that the Ukraine had supplied a single Su-27 to the United Kingdom and the United States also acquired a Su-27 from Belorussia in the mid-1990's and also has an airworthy Su-27UB on private register.

Current upgrade programs and deployment to Russia continue with the Su-27SM with advanced avionics, off-set IRST, in-flight refuelling probes, and a glass cockpit.

Product Details

Model Details - A medium detailed model (around 130,000 vertices) in the main model and a similar amount in the Virtual cockpit. It was decided to try and balance the amount of detail to achieve a high quality visual representation but not make the model too large in size so reasonable frame rates could be achieved. Also although the aircraft has a fully interactive cockpit it is quite simple to "jump in" and fly without having to study system manuals to turn things on. The virtual cockpit is based around the first production variants that have a "steam" or analogue flight instruments and most of the parts have been modelled rather than use "projection" gauge type displays. External weapons can be selected by the "fuel and payload" editor in FSX and consists of the most common types of air to air missiles carried by this aircraft. How to load these and the weights required is explained in the manual.

Bonus Model - During development of the model a number of requests were received regarding if the SKM test aircraft textures would be included. It was decided to try and model a "glass cockpit" and again use very little projection gauges. It was decided to include this version along with the textures as a "bonus model" although it is not a true rendition of the types systems.

Flight Physics - A great deal of time was spent trying to capture the feel of this large and heavy fighter that has exceptional manoeuvrability within the constraints imposed by FSX. Adding external stores or adjusting the fuel carried affects the performance and range of this aircraft but with practice the "cobra" and "tail slide" are possible but the aircraft does not have over sensitive controls and a realistic speed profile at all altitudes.

Exterior Modelling and Textures - Apart from the standard SU27 B and the "bonus" SU27 SKM the set also includes "stripped down" versions with things like external stores and brake chute removed to assist with users wishing to have "Multi-Play" sessions with the Flanker. These are restricted to the Russian Knight Display aircraft and the "LIL" test pilot display aircraft. During a display routine these would not normally carry weapons so were omitted but a version of the "Knights" aircraft in the original scheme and the later current theme is also modelled with full payload options as these are after all - front line service aircraft and not trainers or special aerobatic derivatives.

Eleven different textures are supplied representing aircraft from Russia, China, Ukraine and Eritrea and also separate tail numbered "Knights" for those virtual display teams. All textures are done in dual resolution - 2048 and low resolution 1024 both for the external textures and the virtual cockpit and it's hoped that this will also assist loading times and frame rates for people who may not possess powerful computers. A paint kit will shortly be available.

Gauges Included - A basic "Russian" style HUD is included with the option of 3 colours and adjustable horizon settings via switches in the VC. A radar gauge is also included with various filters to enable air or ground mode, dual range, dual resolution, switchable "info" filters, a rose overlay display and a scanning beam. Also if a flight plan has been created and loaded before flight the radar along with other flight instruments will display a route mode and deviation from the current waypoint.

The radar screen also doubles as a GPS display with controlling buttons on the right side console. Although this is not authentic it was included for those that need assistance in getting about. This does not have to be used if preferred and if the radar is active it will not display.

For greater realism it is suggested that the settings for FSX be set to metric but this is not essential. All instruments reflect the metric system so airspeed is in Kilometres etc.

VC sounds are included and also "Russian style" voice alerts for emergencies etc along with a custom exterior sound set and effects.

Download Information

The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 174 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

Version 1.0 - Via direct download (174 MB)

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System Requirements / FS Compatibility

Windows - Windows 7, Vista or XP
Processor - 2.2 GHz Dual Core
Memory - 2 Gb RAM
Hard Drive - 920 Mb
Video Card - 256 Mb (512 or greater recommended)

USD - $ 32.00

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