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Travel Air 6000 by Golden Age Simulations

Note: This package is for FS2004 only, and is brought to you by a Flight1 e-commerce partner, Golden Age Simulations.

Three famous names in aviation history belong to the manufacturers/designers of the Travel Air. Walter Beech, Lloyd Stearman, and Clyde Cessna formed the Travel Air Manufacturing Company in Wichita, Kansas in January of 1925. Travel Air planes accounted for just over 50% of Department of Commerce license applications for August 1928. The first Travel Air 6000 took to the air April 15, 1928 and a legend was born.

The design of the Travel Air 6000 expanded on the concept of the Travel Air 5000, which was the first commercial aircraft to cross the Pacific (July 1927). The summer of 1928 Walter Beech organized a cross country tour promoting the 6000 and by Fall had 14 firm orders. Lucrative air mail contracts with the idea of passenger service as a second income fueled entrepreneurs' plans. But passengers became more of an income opportunity, and Travel Air modified its existing monoplane design to promote "executive flying." Improvements included a toilet/washroom, luxurious interior, the best engines available, wide windows, and updated instrumentation. The price at the factory ranged from $13,000 to $13,500. The most expensive Travel Air was a $20,000 custom built Travel Air A-6000-A power by a Pratt & Whitney engine for actor Wallace Beery.

While intended for executive flying, Travel Airs saw more use as "feeder liners"; early commuter airlines like Delta operated them, as did Texas Air Transport (later TWA) and Woodley Airways (later Alaska Airlines). Bush pilots in Canada and Alaska discovered the ruggedness, load carrying ability, and dependability of the Travel Air, and it became the bush plane of choice for many. One of the more famous companies to use Travel Airs was Johnson's Flying Service of Missoula, Montana. Once described as a "virtual air force of old planes", Johnson's maintained Forest Service contracts well into the 1960's and used both Ford Tri Motors and Travel Airs on floats or wheels to haul smoke jumpers and freight to remote regions.

Package Details

The Travel Air 6000 Alaskan Adventure Pack brings to FS9 the experience of bush flying in remote Alaska. In the package are 5 distinct aircraft representing aircraft flying today. There are 3 B-6000 versions: the land plane, the float plane and a smoke jumper plane, representing the many roles this great plane of the Golden Age fulfilled. There are 2 of the powerful A-6000 models, both land and float planes, powered by the 450 hp Pratt and Whitney SC-1. All aircraft are faithfully rendered with flight dynamics representing the actual aircraft specifications. Effects and animations include: fully animated pilot, complete VC with operable controls, switches, windows, and animated landing lights. Also includeded is a custom scenery package, complete with preset flights: Shakun Inlet, Alaska! This scenery package creates the bush flying environment adding the immersive experience of the entire package. Try your piloting skills with custom scenarios designed to test the skills of pilot and machine.

A free add-on effects package is included with each download that once installed will allow you to deploy smoke jumpers. This effect is also available for use with other aircraft and is available from the Golden Age Simulations web site at no cost.

Note: This plane is best flown from the Virtual Cockpit, so a joystick is recommended with simple panning control.

Also, the included scenery is not yet compatible with Ultimate Terrain Canada & Alaska. An update to make the scenery compatible will likely be released shortly.

Download Information

Simply download the file below. Once you run the file, the purchase screen will appear. After your purchase, check the C:\Golden Age Simulations folder for the installation archive.

Download Here! (25 MB)

USD - $25.00

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