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Ultimate Alaska X for Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Flight One Software, in cooperation with Scenery Solutions, is excited to bring you a brand new type of product for FSX.

Alaska is one of the world's most unique scenic locations. And, it is an excellent place for flight simmers to enjoy the beauty of VFR flight. Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to enjoy Alaska's beauty with FSX alone.

Ultimate Alaska X is the most complete rendering of Alaska to date. It provides a ground up redesign of nearly every scenery aspect in Alaska. This includes more accurate water, roads, railroads, urban modeling, mesh, detailed glaciers, repositioned airports and more.

Alaska is no small scenery package. It covers 586,412 sq. miles in area and has 40,544 miles of shoreline (40% of America's total shoreline). Out of the 20 largest mountains in North America, Alaska is home to 17 of them.

Product Features

Ultimate Alaska X includes many of the same features found in our popular Ultimate Terrain X product line:

  • Accurate Roads and Railroads.

  • Extremely accurate water bodies, shorelines, coastlines and rivers.

  • "Light Point" night lighting in the larger urban areas.

  • Bridge objects over water features and moving traffic for all major roads and highways.

  • The Ultimate Terrain X features included in this product, could be released as a product in itself. Instead, it provides only a part of what you get in this large scenery package.

    Accurately Modeled Cities, Towns And Villages

    Ultimate Alaska X is the first product to take advantage of a new technology designed by Scenery Solutions, which renders entire urban areas accurately without landclass.

    Normally in FSX, urban areas are displayed using generic landclass textures and autogen. Landclass is very efficient and does a good job of representing urban areas from higher altitudes. However, while city scenery boundaries can be displayed well with landclass, the accuracy of objects within those boundaries are placed at random.

    Instead of using landclass, Ultimate Alaska X displays houses that follow the accurate roads that are provided with this product, with each house oriented towards the nearest road.

    Other buildings and objects in Ultimate Alaska X are placed in their real-world locations. Many buildings are of the same size and shape as their real-world counterparts.

    Over 200+ scenery areas in Alaska have been modeled using this new technology. This includes nearly every city, town, village and seaport in Alaska

    Enhanced Terrain Mesh

    Ultimate Alaska X includes it's own terrain mesh, so that our water bodies and airports blend in as well as possible with the surrounding terrain.

    Repositioned Airports

    Outside of the few major airports in Alaska, most of the other airports in FSX Alaska are misplaced due to the lack of quality airport data. As a result, the airports in FSX would not fit well with the accurate water and road features in Ultimate Alaska X.

    To improve the airport situation, we have repositioned nearly 200 airports in Alaska based on current high resolution satellite images. And, we have redrawn the airport grounds to a smaller, more accurate design. Most of the airport grounds in FSX stand out unrealistically as large rectangles.

    Besides being more realistic, the smaller airport grounds make it more challenging to locate and land at most airports in Ultimate Alaska X.

    Hand-Rendered Glaciers

    Ultimate Alaska X includes over 400 high-resolution, hand-rendered glaciers using a unique scenery design methodology. This method provides a photoscenery like rendition of the glaciers, without actually using photoscenery.

    Ultimate Alaska X Setup Tool

    We know that a great number of Flight Simulator enthusiasts like to tweak their environments to meet their own personal expectations and needs. As a result, Ultimate Alaska X was designed from the ground up, to provide a near total configurable environment.

    Advanced users will marvel at the fact that they can have different textures assigned to nearly every Ultimate Alaska X feature. For example, you can change the sizes of things like stream widths, road widths and coastline widths using the new Ultimate Alaska X Setup Tool.

    Also, because of the highly modeled urban areas, the Ultimate Alaska X Setup Tool provides different canned-environments using "Environmental Presets" The different presets were created so that users with lower-to-mid level computer systems can still run the product and achieve good performance without having to spend a lot of time fine-tuning this product.

    Check Out The Ultimate Alaska X Screenshots

    Check out the screenshots to the right. Additional screenshots and information are available at the Scenery Solutions website for Ultimate Alaska X (

    Ultimate Alaska X Video Preview

    Download Information

    Note: This product is only compatible with FSX.

    The E-Commerce enabled download executable is about 714 MB in size. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume, however we do not recommend certain download managers because they can sometimes corrupt large downloads.

    Version 1.0 - Via direct download:

    Download Ultimate Alaska X Here! (714MB)

    FS Version Compatibility / Minimum System Requirements

    Flight Simulator X
    2.4 Ghz Processor
    1024 RAM
    256 MB Video Card
    5 GB Hard Drive Space
    Windows XP / Vista

    USD - $ 39.95

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