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Ultimate Terrain X Tropical America and Caribbean V2

Here are some of the advancements that have been added to V2 of UTX Tropical America and Caribbean over V1.

  • A new multi-platform installer that supports all versions pf Prepar3D, FSX, and FSX Steam Edition in one download.
  • Adds extended coverage for the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Outstanding enhancement requests reported in UTX TAC V1 have been added to V2.
  • Completely reworked USA/Mexico border region along Rio Grande.
  • Completely reworked vegetation landclass for Caribbean islands
  • V2 adds new autogen lighting to all UTX roads.
  • Includes 5 new detailed airports and 4 nearby seaports designed with our new XpressSim software.

  • The photoscenery based airports included are TJSJ, TTPP, TTCP, TIST and MYAW. These airports are previews for our upcoming XpressSim Airport product lines.

    UTX Tropical America and Caribbean

    UTX Tropical America and Caribbean (UTX TAC) is the latest large, regional scenery release from Scenery Solutions. UTX TAC includes the same features present in our other Ultimate Terrain X product lines, plus a few bonus features to showcase the beauty of the region.

    The major areas covered by this scenery package include: Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. For a more detailed coverage map see the PDF file here.

    Here is the rich feature set included in UTX Tropical America and Caribbean.

  • Accurate roads, with moving traffic on major roads.
  • Extremely accurate water features and coastlines.
  • Detailed ground polygons (parking lots, parks, grassy areas, etc).
  • Enhanced vegetation landclass.
  • Most accurate urban landclass available, with most textures hand selected using the most appropriate FSX landclass texture (or 3rd party texture replacements).
  • Accurately placed bridges for roads and railroads.
  • Scenery Solutions unique night lighting using light point models
  • Nearly 200 airports corrected from a location and elevation standpoint.
  • Bonus: Over 30 enhanced coastal ports with accurately placed objects, including: piers, boats, buildings, clutter and more....

  • Come check out this scenic part of the FSX globe that was in dire need of an upgrade!

    Check Out Ultimate Terrain X in Detail!

    Here are some before and after screenshots allowing you to see what UTX does...


    50% off for Version 1.0 Customers

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    Download Information

    This product is compatible with FSX, FSX Steam, Prepar3d v3 and Prepar3D v4 (Prepar3D v2 is no longer supported). The purchase interface is included in the download. Just save the download to your computer, and run the EXE to purchase. Please note that some virus scanners may report false positives with some downloads.

    UTX Tropical America and Caribbean V2 for All Platforms (467 MB)

    Download UTX TAC Now! (467 MB)

    For Previous Version 1.0 Purchasers Wanting to Reinstall the Original Version

    Here is the original version 1.0. Do not purchase this file. This is only to be used for reinstalls..

    Do not purchase this version - Version 1 for reinstalls only

    Ultimate Terrain X Tropical America and Caribbean Product Support

    For product support, please go to the UTX dedicated forum at Click the link below to take you to the forum.

    Ultimate Terrain X Product Support

    FS Compatibility / System Requirements

    Flight Simulator X (Boxed & Steam Editions)
    Prepar3D v3 or v4
    2.4 Ghz Processor
    4GB RAM
    1MB Video Card
    4GB Hard Drive Space
    Windows 7 or higher

    USD - $ 29.95

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