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Xtreme Cities X - USA SouthCentral

Scenery Solutions and Flight One Software are happy to announce the very first product in the new Xtreme Cities product line. Xtreme Cities X - USA SouthCentral is now available for FSX and P3D. Xtreme Cities - USA SouthCentral provides 16 large regional cities using technology not seen before in FSX.

Each City Features:

  • Nearly every building is present, even houses, with each object in their real world location. Houses follow actual real-world roads, not the "fake" roads in the Landclass textures.

  • Proprietary, one-of- a-kind technology, allows custom scenery objects to be created and displayed with a performance level on par or better than FSX's optimized autogen.

  • Gorgeous night lights with ground lighting.

  • Railyards with railroad cars.

  • XTreme Cities is fully configurable, like our Ultimate Terrain series. Each feature can be turned on or off down to the product or city level. This allows for the maximum 3rd party compatibility possible.

  • Proprietary TexturePhoto technology allows for picturesque terrain scenery for non-seasonal areas, with transparent areas for seasonal vegetation. This strategy provides full support for all seasons, which is not normally feasible with Photoscenery terrain due to large download and storage requirements.

  • For Photoscenery users, Xtreme Cities greatly enhances the terrain by adding buildings, trees and lights in their real-world locations. A real plus for Photoscenery products, which are usually flat and barren.

  • Works seamlessly with Ultimate Terrain and other similar products.

  • Multiple versions are available to specifically target users with either the base FSX textures installed or upgraded terrain texture packs from the most popular 3rd party addons. At this point, in additiona to the base FSX versions, we provide custom installers for users with "Ground Environment X" or "Orbx FTX Global Base" products installed. This allows Xtreme Cities regions to blend in best with the surrounding landclass textures.

  • Optional configuration mode to benefit high-altitude flyers who desire the detailed cityscapes with as little VAS usage (virtual address space) or as little frame rate impact as possible.

  • Unparalleled City Coverage - See For Yourself!

    How complete are the city scenery areas? Our city of New Orleans alone contains 19,245 commercial/industrial building objects, 75,959 houses/residential buildings, 51,779 light objects and 35,658 trees. That is over 182,000 objects packed in a 115 km/sq area. Xtreme Cities provides the most dense city coverage possible today. The list of cities included in our flagship product is as follows:

  • Arlington, Tx
  • Baton Rouge, La
  • Austin, Tx
  • Corpus Christi, Tx
  • Dallas, Tx
  • El Paso, Tx
  • Fort Worth, Tx
  • Galveston, Tx
  • Garland, Tx
  • Houston, Tx
  • Little Rock, Ar
  • Oklahoma City, Ok
  • New Orleans, La
  • Plano, Tx
  • San Antonio, Tx
  • Tulsa, Ok

  • For more information and screenshots, please visit the Xtreme Cities Support Forum.

    You can download a copy of the Xtreme Cities product manual by clicking here.

    You can view the XtremeCities - USA SouthCentral coverage area and details in this document.

    New FSX Technology

    The technology used in this product line has been a full 2 years in the making. USA SouthCentral is the first product available based on this new technology. Other products will follow over the coming years covering the USA and Europe.

    Download Information

    The E-Commerce enabled download executable varies in size based on which download you select. The purchase screen will appear when you run the executable. The servers do support Resume.

    IMPORTANT - The FSX and Prepar3D purchases are separate and will not work with each other. However, the product key for each download within a simulator type will work for the next download. For example, if you get the download for FSX Default scenery, you could later download the version for GEX, and use the same key to install that version.

    For the FSX version:

    FSX Default Version (1.8GB)
    Version for Ground Environment X Users (1.2GB)
    Version for FTX Global Base Users (1.3GB)

    Prepar3D version:

    Version for P3D Default Version (1.3GB)
    Version for P3D FTX Global Base Users (1.3GB)

    System Requirements / FS Version Compatibility

    Depending on the version you pick:
    MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
    Windows - Windows 7, Vista or XP
    Processor - 2.8 GHz
    Memory - 4 Gb RAM
    Hard Drive - 2.7Gb
    Video Card - 512 Mb

    USD - $34.95

    *Approx. Price GBP/Euro



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