Beechjet Hawker Package FSX

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Eaglesoft Extreme Corporate Aviation Series and Eaglesoft Extreme General Aviation Series for the discerning Simulation Pilot!


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Beechjet Hawker Package FSX

Eaglesoft Raytheon Beechjet/Hawker Extreme Generation Two sets the new standard for realistic Corporate Aviation Aircraft which do not rely on a complex and fully functional FMS. Though not fully functional, this offering does include a modified FMS which is fully capable of flying any Microsoft Flight Simulator Flight plan based on the FS2004/FSX GPS System. This offering is modeled after the original Beechjet 400A. In 2004, Raytheon removed the two rearmost windows and renamed their aircraft to Hawker 400XP. Includes both the Beechjet 400A and the Hawker 400 XP models in this package.

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Our Extreme Corporate Aviation Series Generation One and Generation Two catalogs and Extreme General Aviation Series Generation One and Generation Two catalogs represents a new and fresh approach to Simulated Flight at the high and fast levels that Corporate Pilots experience in the real world. Generation Two represents improvement over the previous Generation One capabilities for the discerning Simulation Pilot! Third Party integration in select Generation Two offerings add value to each.