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About Flight One Software and Flight1.com

Flight One Software and Flight1.com was founded in 1997. Getting a start with their core products of FSClouds & Textures Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator (all new clouds and ground textures), and Flight Director 98 & 99 (real world weather, flight planning, and weather radar), these groundbreaking products proved to be Flight1's launching pad.

As the Internet grew, Flight1 realized that using the Internet to get products easily into the hands of people around the world was very important. Flight1 then built an e-commerce system that is designed for, and caters to, the flight simulation user.

As the e-commerce system was growing, Flight1 expanded by adding additional full time project managers, as well as support and accounting staff. This has helped Flight1 expand to bring many products and services to the flight simulation industry. Flight1 also invested in internet infrastructure in order to have the capacity to serve a worldwide audience.

Flight1 also distributes many products on CD ROM, and has formed strategic relationships with distributors and resellers in North America and Europe.

Over the years, Flight1 has gained a lot of experience in the field of computing and aviation. They have formed relationships with other companies, an example being the real-world manufacturer ATR, in order to bring you the best products out there. And it is with this experience that Flight1 has formed a sister company, Flight1 Aviation Technologies, Inc., in order to start bridging their technologies towards the real-world aviation arena.

Flight1 is a company that strives on innovation and customer service. It is their goal to always stay on this path as they work to bring the aviation public new innovation, as well as many new products and services.

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