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Servicing your Flight1.com Download Purchase

If you have made a download purchase using the Flight1.com Software Wrapper, you can find many of the services you will need regarding your purchase on this page.

Reset you Flight1 Account Login Password
If you are having trouble logging into your Flight1 account, or are having trouble reinstalling software using your Flight1 account, you can use this link to reset your password. You may want to login to your account to view all the products associated with your account. If you see the product listed, you should have no problem reinstalling the product using your account information.

Click here to reactivate a de-activated order
Orders in our system may be disabled for reinstalls if they are accessed multiple times, or a password for a key has been submitted incorrectly multiple times. Use this option to automatically reactivate your order.

Click here to obtain a replacement key for your downloaded product
Key files were originally saved in the "C:\Company Name" folder, with "Company Name" being the company that developed the software. Keys are also saved in a backup folder that you likely selected during the purchase process. Check these locations before you submit a request for a replacement key.

Lost order numbers, passwords, or certificates
Order numbers, passwords, or certificates, are necessary in order to reinstall your software, reactivate a key file, or to get access to other services. Flight1 will send you an email with the information associated with the email address submitted.

Click here to have your e-mail address changed on an order
Sometimes you may have a change in an e-mail address, made an error in the submission of your e-mail address, or need a password reset on your order and it requires a correct email address. Note: You must be able to provide certain verifiable information about your original order for us to be able to change information associated with your order.

Reset your Flight1 account password
If you opened a Flight1 account, you can reset your password here. Flight1 accounts allow for easier access to features of Flight1.com, including easier order tracking and product reinstalls. Flight1 accounts are definitely recommended. You can even open an account after you place an order, and orders with matching email addresses will automatically associate with your account.

For other general Questions and Answers about the Flight1.com Software wrapper, follow this link:

Understanding the Flight1.com Software Wrapper (with technical questions and answers)

For other issues, please make a submission to our Customer Service department or visit www.simforums.com.

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