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FSClouds & Texture Pro for FS98 is now free!

You can download the product here. (Please note that tech support can't be offered for this product, however, there are full troubleshooting notes included in the zip file.)

Improve the outside world with FSClouds & Texture Pro

FSClouds offers 18 entirely new cloud styles, from light cirrus to thunderheads to offer the most realistic cloud effects ever! Green summers and snowy winters appear in all their glory, providing a variety of enhancements from sandy beaches to snow-capped mountains.

For the first time ever, fly through thunderstorms and lightning, watching the thunderbolts crackle and flash around your aircraft.

18 Entirely New Enhanced Cloud Textures

Wispy Cirrus clouds dot the high altitude skies and ground-hugging Stratus clouds provide dim overcasts. Towering Cumulo-Nimbus thunderheads loom before you, leaving you asking yourself, "do I fly through or go around?"

Special multi-textured clouds can become the default cloud type, providing compatibility with FlightShop Adventures and other third-party add-on weather programs.

User-definable multi-level cloud layers provide realistic and dynamic effects as you climb and descend to your altitude and destinations. FSClouds even supports approaching weather fronts!

Better-Than-Ever Ground Textures

Digitally enhanced ground textures make the world below even more realistic. Bustling cities and rolling countrysides and forests pass below you in simulated 3d realism.

If you like the enhanced city and country textures, just wait until you see the enhanced coastlines and water!

The enhanced ground textures are optimized for Flight Simulator's haze effects, offering blended horizons and improving the overall scenery display quality. "Dancing pixels" or "noise" that plagued previous Flight Simulator versions is a thing of the past.

SAM (Scenery & Aircraft systems Manager)

Clouds and Textures are just the beginning. SAM's point-and-click interface provides a powerful tool to manage your enhanced cloud and texture flight and launch you directly into your flight.

The included SAMEdit and SAM PhotoLab allows you to create, edit, and even thumbnail images of your flights, making choosing your flights as easy as point, click, and fly!

Super Compatibility!

FSClouds & Textures Pro is fully compatible with Flight Simulator 5.1, 95, and 98, Europe 1 and 2 scenery products, and MANY others.

We've gone the extra miles to ensure that FSClouds safely backs up your important configuration and scenery files, ensuring that FSClouds does not "stand in the way" of your other add-ons.

...and much, MUCH more!

USD - $ .00

FS98 FSClouds and Textures Pro is now

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